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How to choose your wheels for inline figure skating ?

How to choose your wheels for inline figure skating ?

The choice of your wheels to practice inline figure skating depends on several parameters: the ground on which you skate, your weight, your specialty. So many criteria that must be refined to choose the right model...


Several parameter to take into account to choose your inline figure skating wheels

First of all, I invite you to read this article to understand the general anatomy of an inline roller wheel.

What diameter can I choose?

Too big wheels for inline figure skatingThe diameter of wheels is often chosen by default and must generally remain consistent with the size of frame that we wear. The manufacturers also make documents available about that. Some wheel models only fit on the largest frames (usually above a size 38 EU).

The size of the wheels can't be really modified, because the shape of our frame and the placement of the wheels does not allow all combinations, otherwise the wheels can touch between them. Synergy models (Snow white) or Zero (from roll line) in 86A only go on large frames, in fact, impossible to find them in 64 or 68mm. Which is very unfair for small feet skaters (no matter the level).

The four most used diameters are:

  • 64mm
  • 68mm
  • 70mm
  • 72mm
  • (some even go up to 76mm)

Correspondence table between boot size, frame size and wheel size for inline figure skating (Roll Line)

Size of the boot (mm)215 to 220225 to 230235 to 240245 to 250255 to 260265 to 270275 to 280285 to 290295 to 300
Size of frame (inches)8'8,5'9'9,25'9,75'10'10,25'10,75'11,25'
Size of frame (mm)203 mm215 mm228 mm235 mm247 mm254 mm260 mm273 mm279 mm
Max. diameter (mm)64 mm64 mm64 mm64 mm72 mm76 mm76 mm76 mm76 mm

The diameter of inline figure skating wheels depends on the frame size

Snow White frames and EDEA or Risport boots

Snow White Size10'11'12'13'14'15'16'17'18'19'20'
Boot size205 to 210215 to 220225 to 230235 to 240245 to 250255 to 260265 to 270275 to 280285 to 290295 to 300305 to 310
European size31 EU32-33 EU34 EU35-36 EU37 EU38-39 EU40 EU41-42 EU43EU44-45 EU46-47 EU
Wheel size64 mm64 mm64 mm64 mm68 mm72 mm72 mm72 mm72 mm72 mm72 mm

Which wheel profile should I choose for inline figure skating?

Caractéristiques des roues en fonction de leur profil

Différents profils de roues

The idea is to have fairly soft wheels that have a good grip (more and more skaters are between 84 A and 76 A. Figure skating, unlike hockey requires a lot of precision and as much power, but also requires good stability. Certain technical elements such as spins (we turn on an axis on the ground; on a single wheel) require a lot of power, stability but must be hard enough to allow us to turn for a long time. Then, it's interesting to cross different hardness of wheels to be effective on all the technical elements.

Exemples de combinaisons de roues de roller artistique en ligneHowever, it is your choice as skater. Some keep the same hardness on the whole frame. This is a matter of feeling and personal experience. Quad figure skaters also use this method. As the discipline is still quite young, only few skaters are experimenting with the wheels combinations.
Yi Fan Chen, for example, chose to have a different hardness on the center wheel. Antonio Panfili or Chiara Censori have chosen to have a different hardness on the front wheel, while Angela Martin Mora keeps the same hardness on the whole frame.

It all depends on what kind of floor you're going to skate !

The slippery the ground, the softer the wheels should be and have a good grip, it depends on your skating technique and your weight too. For a fairly smooth parquet for example, I would recommend a hardness between 84 A and 76A.

You can try to skate with roller hockey wheels. Be careful because some have either a round profile or an elliptical profile. A round profile provides more stability, but will be slower than an elliptical profile. Not all hockey models are compatible with the frame, make sure you have the same cores and the same axis width.

An article on the maintenance of the wheels

Here is a table of the wheels currently existing and specific to inline figure skating :


/ model


Roue roller Geneva

 Harmony Sports
 Not available68mmIndoor$60 for 6 wheels

Mostly used by skaters equipped with Pic Skates frames.

The hardness of the well is unknown, but it"s quite hard (more than Snow White Champ. wheels)

Roue de roller Harmony Sports

 Harmony Sports
Axel 6.0
83A70mmIndoor37,5 for 6 wheels

These wheels have an elliptical profile. The chemical formula has been thought to reduce the loss of grip on landing.

Roue roller artistique inline Synergy

Snow White
Indoor / outdoor$42 for 6 wheels

Profil de roue SynergySynergy wheels have a 40% wider profile to improve grip, especially when landing.

Roue roller artistique Champ California

Snow White
 Indoor€31,95 for 6 wheels

BASF SHR (Super High Rebound) polyurethane, a special formula created by the Wheel laboratory in California (United States). The rebound percentage reaches 80% to compensate for the absorption of shocks by the parquet.
The best-selling and most used wheels.Replaced by SPIRAL

Roue roller artistique Speed Max

Speed Max89A64mm
Outdoor€ 32,95 for 6 wheels

The ultimate outdoor wheel! Perfect even on the worst concrete floor !

Roue Snow White Spiral

Snow White
Indoor€ 32,95 for 6 wheels

This new 2019 Snow White wheel now replaces the old Orange Champ. wheel.
It is intended for practice on parquet. They use a polyurethane SHR (Super High Rebond) designed by BASF in a laboratory in California, USA. Their bounce rate reaches 80%.
The brand indicates that they have excellent grip, as well as resistance to wear and traction.

Roue Roll Line Zenith

 Roll Line /
78A72mmIndoor€37,50 for 6 wheels

Normally used for inline hockey, these wheels are currently used by the best skaters. Unfortunately, Roll Line has stopped manufacturing.

Complete test here

Roue Roll Line Zenith Bleue

Roll Line /
74A72mmIndoor€37,50 for 6 wheels

Used for inline hockey also, they are also used by figure skaters in addition to the Zenith in 78A. Unfortunately, Roll Line has stopped their manufacture.

Roue roller Roll Line Zero

 Roll Line
82A64 mm
72 mm
76 mm
Indoor€42,95 for 6 wheels

A new model available since September 2019. A specific wheel design by Roll Line for inline figure skating.


Roue roller Roll Line Zero

  Roll Line
Indoor / outdoor€42,95 for 6 wheels

A new model available since September 2019. A specific wheel design by Roll Line for inline figure skating.

Golden Horse
Indoor / outdoor A core with 5 spiral branches for a versatile wheel.
Golden Horse
Indoor The core of this wheel reminds the freeskate models such as the famouse Hyper Concrete.
Marque inconnue89A72mm
Outdoor$29 for 6 wheelsUne marque inconnue mais avec un design ultra-classique de noyau à 5 branches en étoile, très courant dans les anciennes roues Hyper des années 1990/2000. La dureté élevée la destine plutôt à un sol lisse et roulant.
89A68mmOutdoor€30 for 6 wheelsRound profile
STD Starlight84A68mmIndoor€30 for 6 wheelsRound profile
Indoor$3 per wheelThe datasheet on the WebSite of the manufacturer says: Slot Core Technology increases rebound and overall grip. Test Proven Urethane. High rebound urethane for superior grip and wear. Great performance at a reasonable price.


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