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Inline artistic skating frames: Pic Skate VS Snow White - the fight!

Inline artistic skating frames: Pic Skate VS Snow White - the fight!

The REL team has taken a look at the two best-selling inline skating brands on the market and tells you its opinion: Pic Skate or Snow White frames? Choose your weapon!


Comparison of the two most popular frames on the market

Although inline skating frames were invented centuries ago, designers continue to develop them to satisfy the increasingly demanding inline artistic skaters. It is above all the models dedicated to competition that are developing the most.

Pic Skate P-73 frame

Above : Pic Skate P-37 frameSource: www.picskate.com

Snow White frame

Ci-dessus – Platine Snow White. Source : www.inlinefigure.com

Above : Snow White frame - Source: www.inlinefigure.com

These frames were not only designed for the summer (when there is no more ice), but now aim for more efficiency. They should be suitable for both inline artistic skaters and ice figure skaters.

In 1998, John Petell, in collaboration with Nick Perna, launched Pic Skates: a frame with "rockering" specially designed for inline artistic skating. Thanks to the development of competitive sports, Arthur Lee then invented a new frame, the Snow White.

Many inline artistic skaters started on Pic Skates, then switched to Snow White, or vice versa.

Which frame suits me best?

It depends on how you skate. Very often an ice figure skater will prefer Pic Skates. An inline artistic skater who is used to quads will prefer the Snow White model.


Snow White

Pic Skate

Athletes Profile

More oriented to quad, because the "rockering" is less important and the frame is shorter.

More oriented to ice figure skating who is used to
a "rockering" and who needs to get adapted to ice figure skating fast. It is ideal for the compulsory part.

Length of the frame without wheels

(RF3 240)

25cm with toe stop

28cm with  toe stop

Average weight with  toe stop

(RF3 240)






Number of wheels


3 or 4




Toe stop

Type: Quad (flat), height adjustable

Ball Pic (spherical), not height adjustable
or Power Pic (half spherical)

Wheel size

64, 68, 72*, 76mm

64, 68, 70, 72mm



ABEC 7 or 5

Available sizes

From shoe size 30 until 47

3 wheels: from 7.25“ until 10.25“

4 wheels: from 9.25“ until 12.12“

*The "Synergy" wheels from the Snow White model are only available in 72mm.

Comment by John Petell (Pic Skates)

"We have examined conventional quad skate top stops. We found out that they are roughly the same as the spherical ones on the Pic Skate. However, they increase the weight, change the wheel alignment in an unusual way and are much more expensive. All in all, this results in a wider base on which to turn, but at the expense of a less smooth movement. Overall, we decided to keep the configuration we have and will continue to work on the development of our Pic Skate. Furthermore, we have found that the Pic-Skate frame is easier to skate, especially for beginners.
We suggest 68 and 70 mm wheels, but the Pic Skate can also be mounted with 72 mm wheels. The diameter of 68 mm results in a more closed angle of rotation, which is suitable for most inline artistic skaters. The "rockering" of the Pic Skates has a turning radius of 8 feet, which is about the same as a middle skate".

Recommendations of the Champions

Cathy Galiere

Cathy GalièreCathy Galière (Pic Skates, formerly on Snow White and Risport)

"I find that on the Pic Skates the steps are really easier, but again it depends on how you feel. I have skated several times with one skate on each foot, Pic Skate on one side and Snow White on the other, nobody saw a difference, so you have to master the technique."

Séréna Giraud (Vice World Champion 2017 and bronze medallist 2018)

(Snow White)

"As far as the frames are concerned, it seems to me that the Snow White to stop allow you to be more imposing, and this makes it easier to perform many elements such as spins or toe jumps. In my opinion, the 4 wheels do not facilitate mobility and will possibly lead to more impression problems for the skater. The wheels are curved like the frame of a skate, and an inline artistic skater will never be skating on more than two wheels at the same time, so I think it is easier to find your way around if you have two 3-wheel options instead of 4-wheel options. However, this is all subjective and some skaters feel more comfortable with 4 roles! Conclusion: Try it out and decide for yourself!“

Marta Bravin

Marta BravinMarta Bravin(Pic Skates)

"I understand your hesitation between Pic-Skates and Snow White. Pic-Skates has a good "rockering" and wheel placement, which allows a good position for spins. The three wheels leave enough space to adjust the frame optimally for figures that require flexibility. Snow White has the advantage that the model has a stronger toe stop which is perfect for all jumps".

Inline Artistic Skaters on Snow White

Éric Traonouez, Hsin-Chia Ling, Natalie Motley, Séréna Giraud, Maëlle Matheron, Lucie Bon, Tara Rols, Violette Gallo, Anastasia Nosova, Yi Fan Chen.

Inline Artistic skaters on Pic Skates

Marta Bravin, Cathy Gallière, Anastasia Nosova (just switched to Snow White), Ainhoa Galdeano, Fernand Fedronic, Yannick Bonheur, Vanessa Gusmeroli, Vitaliy Opekan...

My advice, after having run on both models...

It depends on the discipline you wish to exercise:

For compulsory dances

Here I recommend pic skates (3 wheels), the curves fall easier, are less demanding, require less effort (e.g. more fluid movement in the twizzles). However, if you come from quads, it will be easier for you to skate on Snow White because the frame is shorter and the rockering does not destabilize you.

For figure skating or freestyle

Both frames are ideal. No particular difficulties with spins. In fact, the Snow White toe stop has the advantage (or disadvantage for beginners) that it is adjustable and requires some adjustment for spins, while the toe stop on Pic skates is directly attached at an ideal height. Here the quality of the wheels will be decisive and this does not apply to the frame.

The frame on the Snow White model will be suitable for a more experienced skater, because you have to learn how to adjust the ideal position of the toe stops, while no adjustment is required for Pic skates.

Due to its shorter length, the Snow White model offers a little more mobility, but can also easily destabilize. It will fit better with a quad skater who is used to having the rear wheels under the heel. Attention all ice figure skaters during jumps, you will have to readjust your technique!

For jumps, the Snow-White toe stop is advantageous at high level (double, triple) and can be replaced by a toe stop from Inline Artistic Skating (e.g. Roll Line or Komplex). On the other hand, the toe stop of pic skates may seem a little less strong and can only be replaced by a toe stop of the brand. Both types of toe stops should be changed regularly.

The wheels are interchangeable, independent of the frame. You only have to keep to the recommended diameter, but the hardness of the wheel is a matter of personal preference.


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