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Test of the Powerslide One Zoom 100 Skate

Test of the Powerslide One Zoom 100 Skate

First known as a beginner skate the Powerslide One Zoom 100 Skate now has established his abilities for advanced skaters too. We tested this new model...


Benchmark of the new freeskate of Powerslide

Our opinion in a few sentences

The Powerslide One Zoom 100 will be according to the expectations of all beginner and advanced freeride skaters. It can be used in everyday life and for slalom skating. You will feel its limits at the end of a powerful push: the lower buckle doesn't fix the ankle enough so that the heel moves up. The skate outstands due to its great high-quality workmanship. The trinity frame is made from good quality and come with 3x100mm wheels at a low price.

Strengths and weaknesses


+ comfort of the removable inner shoe
+ stiff and compact frame
+ price- performance ratio
+ buckle and convertible straps


- The upper buckle gets loosen very hardly at the beginning
- A little bit "toy-look"
- Wheel-quality
- No flat zone on the shell to grind

Technical facts

Test Powerslide One Zoom 100

Brand: Powerslide
Model: Zoom 100
Year: 2019
Shell, inner shoe: stiff with fibreglass strengthened plastic
Height: 32cm in size 41/42
Stiffness: stiff in front and back (according to Powerslide)
Suppleness: medium
support of the Shell: medium
closure: laces and buckles PS Classic
inner shoe : MyFit Basic Dual
Shoe sole: EVA
Set up: Trinity 3 Point
Frame: Powerslide Elite Aluminium, CNC 9,1 inches (231mm)
Axels: simple axels, 8mm with a 4mm diameter
Max. wheel-size: 100mm
Wheels: Powerslide Hurricane 100mm 86A
Bearings: WCD Wicked ABEC 608Z, half opened with steel
Spacer: Aluminium 8mm
Break: optional, HABS, height-adjustable
Aviable sizes: EU 37-46, US 4-12
Weight: 165g in size 41/42
Price: 169€
Included: key

Recommended use: For a regular use in freeride skating for beginners and advanced skaters.

Comparable products: Oxelo MF500HB, Powerslide One Imperial 80, FRX 80, FRX310

Test in detail

Powerslide increases the potential of freeskating with its "One"- Serie. The Zoom 100 is part of it. It equally is made for beginners as for advanced skaters. The sizes come always in steps of two, which means: 38/39, 40/41, 43/44... In the front of the toes the material is elastic and guarantees more comfort.

Test Powerslide One Zoom 100

The shell

Test du Powerslide One Zoom 100Powerslide used a nylon shell which is reinforced with fibre glass. The red-white colour is noticeable: it gives the boot a "toy-look", whereas darker colours would give an urban touch. The shell is little ventilated due to two holes on the sides.
The shell is made of two parts which are riveted together. If you need, there is a possibility to put reinforcement plates on the sides for sliding. The shell is having padding to make sure the stability is high enough. On the downsides it is having little recesses so you can put 100mm wheels. Thank to the trinity system the centre of gravity is lower and gives more stability. Street skaters will miss the possibility for grinding on walls and bars. With the trinity system this is difficult to arrange.

Flexibility in front and back

It goes so smooth with the movements that 100 its almost not noticeable.

In general, a good foothold

The shell is closing well around the ankle. The general foothold is good, just sometimes the heel is rubbing due to the up and down movements. Later we found out that this is caused by the lower buckle.

A satisfying comfort

We got pleasantly surprised by the comfort of the shell. You won't feel any pressure point. The MyFit inner shoe will spoil your foot. It can be taken out and being washed.

The lacing: to be improved

The lacing is made from laces and two buckles that are fixed on the shell. The lower buckle is reinforced by an extra plastic piece.

In general, the lacing is good, but we do have wishes for improvement

  • The laces don't slide smooth enough, you need time to tie them up
  • The lower buckle cannot be closed hard. The strap is loosening itself under too much pressure.
  • At the beginning it is hard to open the buckle. After a few uses it gets easier.

Test du Powerslide One Zoom 100

Frame: short and handy

Powerslide decided to mount a very short frame (231mm) and 3x100mm wheels. The surface is matt and rough as if it got sandpapered. It is made from aluminium and looks like a magnesium frame. It looks a bit like a former model: The Core Icon frame. The design is well succeeded.
The frame is due to its massive construction very stiff. It has various bridges which boost the stiffness.

Test Powerslide One Zoom 100

Wheels: grip for sliding, but loss of grip when pushing hard

Powerslide uses the Hurricane wheel in 100mm in 86 A. This compromise is very comfortable for the daily life use: the wheel is having a good roll. The classic core is star-shaped with 7 bars. It has been used a lot in the past and gives a lot of stability. Thank to this stability, the wheel is very flexible. It gives also during fast direction changes grip but loses grip at the end of hart pushes. It is a typical property with wheels without insert.
Referring the workmanship: The part between the core and the CPU could have been worked better (see picture below). You see some parts where the CPU could detach off the core. The CPU is well quality.

Test Powerslide One Zoom 100

Reliable bearings

The Powerslide Zoom 100 comes with half opened 608Z-ABEC Wicked bearings. They are quiet and have a smooth roll. You can use them for jumping.

Test du Powerslide One Zoom 100

The use

Due to the 3x100mm wheels and 231mm frame the skate is very handy. The wheels almost don't look out the boot. Fast direction changes don't cause any problem.
We tested the Zoom 100 also in slalom. When you start fast and push hard, you feel there is a loss of energy. Looking at this fact, its probably not made for slalom because you need a quick start. This could be improved by working on the lower buckle so it can be fastened tighter. In slalom freestyle it is very easy to make the figures on one wheel thank to its stability.
The frame was doing well in all jumps we tried out. It will be solid enough for its target group. The wheels came off well too. They adapt very easily to every situation.

Test du Powerslide One Zoom 100

Product presentation in English


Le Zoom 100 sur le site officiel de Powerslide

Photos : Powerslide et REL
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