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Testing the Avant LT Golden Horse artistic inline frame

Testing the Avant LT Golden Horse artistic inline frame

If Golden Horse is one of the outsider brands in the artistic inline skating market, the Taiwanese firm proposes really competitive products which can compete with the most reknown brands. This is particularly the case with the Avant LT Golden Horse artistic inline frame...


The Avant LT Golden Horse frame

Our opinion in a glance

We really loved the Avant LT Golden Horse frame. It combines what we liked with some other brands. A frame long enough but not too long, an adjustable and sufficiently important rockering, and a quad-type toe stop. No need to mention the Maestro boots, incredibly comfortable. And even though we were worried about the quality before we got them, we were very pleasantly surprised and recommend them 100%!

Strong points and points to improve


+ Lightness of the frame
+ Various setups available
+ Strength of the brake
+ The ideal length of the frame for jumps
+ Versatile
+ Diversity of wheel diameters from 62 to 76mm (even for short frames)
+ A few pieces which ease the mounting.
+ Affordable price for such a frame


- The golden color is a bit too "yellow" :-)

Technical data sheet

Brand : Golden Horse
Model: Avant LT (titanium)
Made in: Taiwan
Year of launch: 2020 for the Avant LT, for about 20 years for the Presto.
Material: aluminum
Adjustments: rockering 8 positions, the three wheels are adjustable, up and down, right and left.
Available lengths: 215 mm to 309 mm.
Axles: 8mm compatible with all types of 608 bearings
Wheel diameters accepted: 62 to 80mm - GH wheels have the following diameters: 62,66,70,72,76 and 80mm.
Provided with: 3 tools (various keys for adjustment), ABEC 9 bearings, 
Recommended use: regular to intensive practice of artistic inline skating.

Testing the Golden Horse Avant LT frame

The complete test of the Golden Horse Avant LT frame

Test modality

We will talk about the new Golden Horse AVANT LT (with titanium axles) 2020 model. Many skaters own the old model, Presto, which has a slightly aging design and whose rockering was artificially created by a central wheel with a larger diameter than the other two wheels. There is also the Avant model (whose axles are made of steel, a little cheaper than the Avant LT.).

Description of the Avant LT Axle frame

The Avant LT is unique. It offers 8 possible setups. Unlike some other adjustable frames, in the Avant LT, all three wheels are adjustable. It therefore also allows complete customization, for beginners as well as elite skaters coming from the ice or quad.

  • Front wheel: can be adjusted from top to bottom.
  • Central Wheel: Can be adjusted from front to back.
  • Rear Wheel: Can be adjusted up and down.

Animation Golden Horse Avant LT

Weight of the frame

The Avant LT is a very airy frame. It has a lot of openings which suggests that GH wanted to lighten the plate as much as possible.

Testing the Golden Horse Avant LT frame


Strength: The axes of the Avant LT are made of titanium. Extremely strong and light material. There are no spacers between the frame and the wheels. No washers.

Toe Stop

The angle of the toe stop is a little shorter than some other famous brands. The toe stop is tightened with a simple screw, towards the inside of the plate. There are 2 toes stop sizes, a large and a smaller one. The big toe stop has the advantage to be very pleasant on spins and jumps, while the small toe stop is very interesting for all the sequence of steps and turns and small frames.

Testing the Golden Horse Avant LT frame

The Rockering of the Avant LT

The different positions and their effects: The adjustment of the Avant LT is very simple. There are few parts, which makes the frame even lighter. Two small parts made of a very strong plastic (mass tested by GH) are embedded in the axles to place the wheel either forward or backward (for the central wheel), or up and down for the front and rear wheel.

Testing the Golden Horse Avant LT frame

Value for money

The Avant LT, being the elite model, is available for 320 dollars. The Avant model (steel) at 270 dollars and the Presto at 230 dollars. The prices are extremely interesting and allow the artistic inline skating to be more accessible for all budgets.

Testing the Golden Horse Avant LT frame

The GH Avant LT frame on the field

Basic skating

No problem, the frame is noiseless. We chose the most pronounced rockering. The length is a good compromise, neither too long nor too short, like some other brands.


Once again, the frame remains noiseless and still very comfortable thanks to its ideal length. Jump landings are easy. The 70mm 86A wheels have a good grip.


No particular difficulty on the turns, one can however feel that the central wheel is a little less close to the first wheel. Despite a very good rockering, the position of the central wheel requires an extra effort on the back to front turns.


The first wheel is ideally positioned for spinning, as well as the toe stop. No particular difficulty for the 3 basic positions of the spins.

Testing the Golden Horse Avant LT frame


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