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Testing the Golden Horse Noble and Golden Horse Street Magic Roller Skates

Testing the Golden Horse Noble and Golden Horse Street Magic Roller Skates

The Taiwanese brand Golden Horse Skates continues to make us dream by offering roller skates for dancing and urban skating. One noticed a real come-back of roller-skating since the beginning of the Covid19 pandemic. We tested two models: the Golden Horse Street Magic, for recreational use and the Golden Horse Noble for more experienced skaters ...


Comparison of the Golden Horse Noble and Golden Horse Street Magic rollerskates

Our opinion about the Golden Horse Street Magic

Our opinion about the Golden Horse Street Noble

The Golden Horse Street Magic rollerskates have a good value for money (recommenced price is $299). This pair has several assets: a nice look, a good support of the ankle, versatile wheels... These skates are recommended for recreational practice of roller dance and artistic skating beginners.

The public price of the Golden Horse Street Noble reaches 639 $. Quite expensive for most of skaters. Nevertheless, this price is justified by a professional quality frame! The rigidity of the boot also ensures a long life to your skates, if you take your time to laces lace them correctly. We really enjoyed these skates! With a pair like this one, you will make people jealous on the dance floors!    

Test des rollers quads Golden Horse Noble et Street Magic

Strenghs and weaknesses of Street Magic and Noble

Golden Horse Street Magic

Golden Horse Street Noble


+ The Suede look and the pop colors
+ The support of the boot
+ The good value for money of the Magic
+ The semi-custom


- The Nylon place of the Magic


+ The Suede look and the pop colors
+ The pro plate of the Noble
+ The stiffness of the boot
+ The semi-custom


- The price of the Noble

Technical data sheets

Golden Horse Street Magic

Golden Horse Street Noble

Patin Golden Horse Street MagicPatin Golden Horse Street Noble
Brand: Golden Horse Skates
Model: Street Magic
Year: 2021
Boot: high cut - artistic skating design
Upper: Suede
Hardness: 35
Sizes: On-measure, semi-custom
Plate: Nylon
65 mm 80A (Magic)
Bearings: ABEC 5
Recommended price299 $ (hors taxes et frais de douane)
Use: recreational roller-dance and artistic skating beginners, street-skating
BrandGolden Horse Skates
Model: Street Magic
Year: 2021
Boot: high cut - artistic skating design - ultralight sole and heel
Upper: Suede
Hardness: 40 (plus rigide que la bottine Magic)
Liner: Velvet
Tightening: laces
Sizes: On-measure, semi-custom
Plate: Aluminum
58 mm 80 -82A with LEDs (Noble)
Bearings: ABEC 5
Recommended price: 639 $ (hors taxes et frais de douane)
Use: advanced artistic skaters, street skating and roller-dance

Detailled test of the Golden Horse Magic and Noble

It is a pleasure to test quad roller skates dedicated to urban practice. Golden Horse strikes hard, once again, with the Street collection. The design reminds traditional artistic roller skate, but also the very iconic and trendy roller dance skates. 

Golden Horse proposes two models:

  • The Street Magic rollerskates, for recreational skaters
  • The Street Noble rollerskates, for more experienced skaters
Intérieur des rollers Golden Horse StreetBottin Golden Horse Noble

Comparaison of the boots

Both boots keep the style of figure skating. They are made of high-quality Suede. The inner lining is an extremely soft velvet, designed to prevent injuries to the foot of skaters. 

The Magic boot has a relatively thick plastic sole and is simple in its design.

The Noble boot has the same features as the brand's best artistic ankle boots. The Noble is more padded than the Magic at the toe, and its stiffness is more important, which also justifies its price.

These two models also in " Vegan " version. They come in different colors: dark blue, sky blue, dark purplish blue, black, red, pink, beige, almond green.   

A precise mounting

The build quality is very good and traditional, on both models. The alignment of the boot with the plate is also fine.

Stiffness of the boots

Like their competitive artistic boots, GH offers two rigidities with these models:

The Magic has a stiffness index of 35, sufficient for simple jumps and recreational skating.

The Noble has a stiffness index of 40, excellent for better support up to the axel and more intensive use on ramps for example and for jumps in general. 

Le système de serrage des Golden Horse Street


The laces are the classics GH. During our tests, we did not have any tightening problem.


The shoe does not require any effort to fit on your feet. Golden Horse is famous for having semi-custom skates, so there is no adjustment phase and you will feel great from the first use. The tongue is well padded for both models but does not interfere with flexion.It is good to remember that when you order your pair from Golden Horse, the ankle boot is made to your measurements.

Châssis des Golden Horse Street Magic

Plates: Noble ou Magic ? That depends on your use and skills!

Magic : The Magic frame is a Nylon frame, light, but intended for beginners or recreational skaters who do not intend to perform technical figures and jumps too much. The axles are made of steel, the cushions (gums) are very basic, but can be changed. The toe stop have a good quality, but the tightening of this one is a thread of nut screw. The tightening of the trucks is very simple and quite precise. There are 2 types of trucks, one normal and one more precise with a 360 ° pivot.

Le frein reste de qualité, mais le serrage de celui-ci est un pas de vis à écrou. 

Noble : The Noble frame is a very light aluminum artistic frame. You can choose titanium axles (stronger than steel ones). The trucks can rotate 360 ​​° and are also made of titanium. The frame comes with 4 different cushions (gums), 70-75A, 75-80A, 80-85A, 85-90A. The trucks are adjusted with the " cliquing system ", which is very precise.   

During our tests we had to loosen the trucks, because they were originally very tight.

Châssis des Golden Horse Street Noble


Magic : The original wheels are 80A outdoor wheels in a beautiful golden color. The thread of the toe stop is in EU metric value. 

Noble : The luminous wheels are intended for outdoor use (80-82A). They are quite versatile. The thread of the toe stop is in EU metric value.


Nothing to say in particular here, they drive correctly for both frames. The noble has ABEC 5, a mid-range quite sufficient. We have 608 type bearings.


Once again, Golden Horse surprises us! The finishes are clean, we can see the difference between the Magic and Noble model. However, the Magic, which is a beginner model, is much better than other brands intended for the recreational practice of roller dance. 

About the Noble: it is a really beautiful skate, approaching elite artistic ankle boots, both in its ankle boot and in the quality of the frame.

Accessoires Golden Horse


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