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Aggressive: street and stunt pads

Aggressive: street and stunt pads

Yes we know, you feel foolish when you're wearing "pads"... What else? Only idiots like fractures and head traumas, so don't make the tough and go speaking with famous riders at "X-Games". They will give you some pads advices...



Street, half pipes and park pads

Aggressives skaters do no like pads. It is more a question of fashion or by showing than for quite other reasons.
We have to remind here that most of skaters stop riding between 20 and 25 years old, rarely more... Most of them will have painful joints, back problems, various wounds for the rest of their lives!


Most of the time wearing the helmet is obligatory in most of skateparks also locals. If one does not fall frequently on the head (5%), it can cause really serious injuries (head traumas).
Fasten it and adjust it in order to have no surprise, otherwise it's useless. Take care, fitness helmets don't suit for stunt, ramp, street or park. Those helmets do not protect the cervical.

Wrist guards

It's rather reinforced gloves. It's easier to realise tricks with this type of product. These gloves prevent from splinters in wooden half-pipes.
If the gloves are reinforced, they are more useful than standard gloves which do not really protect.
If you are beginner and if you don't realise grabs (catching a part of your body in the air) every time, you should choose guards with a rigid part on palm.

Crash pad

Few people use it in half-pipe, street or park. Most of time it is used in downhill or in fitness skating by beginners or old skaters.
Meanwhile, if you aren't trick skinned from the bottom or if you try new tricks it should be very useful.

Knee pads and elbow pads

  Very useful because falling on joints is very frequent. They can avoid you sick leave. If you have a fall in a half pipe you can slide on without burn. On concrete, it's better sliding on pads than on you pant.

Protect your shins

We would not think of it necessarily at first sight, nevertheless, pads to protect the shins are more and more worn by riders! When you miss a slide, shins are on the front line in front of the walls and other copings.
  But where can you find it? No stress, you can go in a specialized hypermarket and choose among products dedicated to collective sports.

Text : Alfathor
translated by Nabucau
Photos : all rights reserved
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