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Roller fitness protectives gears

Roller fitness protectives gears

Millions of roller-skaters take part in rides each week all around the workd. It remains the less traumatic practice at a first view, but lot of beginners and occasional skaters take part in. Wearing protections is very recommended...



According to statistics, head injuries represent "only" 5% of emergency services entries in relation to roller-skating... but they can be most serious! During rides or for a fitness practice, choose a cycling helmet and wear it every time.

Wrist guards

A third of roller-skating injuries are wrist injuries. There is no time for hesitation: wrist guards are compulsories.
Be careful there is a lot of different qualities on the market. It's better to use protections with a shell cast in one piece.
Furthermore, Palm pads don't protect against wrist fractures.

Elbow pads

Elbows are less hit than knees or wrist but some people always fall on it. It's up to you to see if you want to wear them.
If you are beginner be safe use them.
Tip: pull on pads keep on more easily than which are fixed by straps.

Knee pads

If you have a fall, you can slide on knee pads and wrist guards and so have no injuries. It's very simple and reassuring. Once more, pull-on pads are the most efficient. There's some patterns without shell but with foam or Kevlar, they are most made for street or half pipe. During rides, it's better using knee pads with a shell.


Frequently neglected, they protect from feet irritations. Cotton socks can be used in order to soak up perspiration. Avoid nylon, it may causes burns due to frictions.

Lightning or reflecting clothes

Fluorescent and lightning accessories are very useful in order to be see by cars in the gloom. Wear reflective coats, used by DDE's employees or on a building site, in order to be easily spotted from a distance. Winking armbands are a plus. You shouldn't became a Christmas tree but be sure that the others can see you.

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