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Roller-Hockey protective gears

Roller-Hockey protective gears

With downhill, hockey is the practice which requires the largest panel of pads/protections: helmet, shoulder pads, cup... Meanwhile, do not confuse "street-hockey" (leisure) and "roller-hockey" or "rink-hockey" (federal practices). Protections are recommended for the first and obligatory for the others...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER


Lots of pads!



The helmet is compulsory in most of clubs and during competitions.
Ideally, use a helmet with a cage or a visor, you will be more protected from sticks' hits, pucks and balls. 


This material is made for ice-hockey. It is not compulsory for roller-hockey because this sport is less violent but it is strongly recommended during matches which can became more physical.
If you bong into someone whose wearing a shoulder pad you sould feel the difference! 

Elbow pads

This equipment is very useful if you fall or if you collide with something/someone.
Most of time, one think the elbow pads are unnecessary. Do not forget that a broken elbow is very long to heal... and watching a match from the dugout is less interesting than being on the field! 


The most important thing is to feel well the stick. Avoid standard wrist guards which are very cumbersome. Gloves are compulsory in roller hockey.


  What the hell is that?
A protection for the male genitals! If a shell is not compulsory in street-hockey, it becomes mandatory in club.
It is sure that we will not have to force people to wear those things!

Hockey pant

  The hockey pants are frequently used in ice-skating. It protects against ""pizzas"" (""burns"" in the skating language). It protect against bruises, puck and sticks. It also weakens the impacts in case of fall.

Shin guards

  Shins are often hurt during hockey matches (stick knocks, pucks...). Shin guards protect shin and knees. It is compulsory in club.

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Translation : Nabucau
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