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Tip: Carrying tip for your slalom cones?

Tip: Carrying tip for your slalom cones?

There is a very simple and handy technique to carry your slalom cones. Imagine: a cord, a little hole at the center of your cones, and there you go!



We have discovered this cone carrying system at the Notre-Dame spot in Paris.

It's not rocket science:

  • Drill your cones at their top
  • Slide a cord through the holes
  • Pile them up
  • Carry them over your shoulder thanks to the cord

Note: Your cord will be easier to slip through the holes if it has hard ends (use laces for example).
There you go, your turn!

Feel free to have a look at our slalom tip section for more!

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By Alfathor
Translation : Chloe Seyres
Photo: Serge Rodriguez
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