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Aggro skating tip: Make your own wax

Aggro skating tip: Make your own wax

Wax is a kind of lubricant that enables better sliding on bars, walls and other modules, in skating and skateboarding. In other practices, like surfing, it is used on boards. It might look like cooking recipes but it's not.


Bars love wax...

The wax that you'll find in shops is often made of wax with coco scent and other ingredients. It is sometimes hard to find, you have to go to specialized shops, and it is quite expensive.

Did you say Babybel?

You can make an equivalent with candle wax or babybel red wax, lubricant and soap.

  1. Take the candles and grate them with a cheese grater
  2. Do the same with the soap or the red Babybel wax
  3. You can also add a little paraffin
  4. Mix
  5. Melt over low heat
  6. Pour into a baking pan (that won't be usable anymore for cooking)
  7. Allow to cure

You just have to heat it and mix it. And you're done. If you feel like it, you can also give it the shape you want or even make a special mold. Warning: kids, do it with the help on an adult.

Thanks to Bridou74!

Another recipe?


  • Anything that's greasy around you
  • Soft butter, Babybel red wax, oil, grease, etc.
  • Fork
  • Cheese grater
  • Bar of soap (Preferably Marseille soap)
  • 2 spans (one smaller and one bigger)
  • Dish towel
  • Kitchen
  • Candles
  • Freezer
  • Container
  • Baking pans
  1. Put it all on a dish towel in your kitchen
  2. Grate all the candles and the soap with the cheese grater
  3. Put it all in a container
  4. Mix
  5. Take the 2 spans and cook the mix in a hot water bath
  6. Add the grease and butter
  7. Mix with the fork
  8. Pour your future wax into the baking pans
  9. Put them in the freezer for the night
  10. The next day: SKATE!

Thanks to TaigKhris (not the real one of course)

Wax baking pan

For a wax mold, go for a Saint Marcellin in the cheese section of your supermarket. It is packaged in a terra cotta pot, it's heat resistant. Oil it, butter it and pour your wax into it.
Wait for it to cure... Your wax will be super easy to demold.

Thanks to Loic Delaubier

One last and easier solution?

Buy table candles (you can find sets of 50 pieces for 5€ at Ikea), they work perfectly!

Thanks to Bobor

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