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Taking public transport on skates

Taking public transport on skates

Do you know you can be fined for skating in train/metro stations or on public transports? Even if taking your skates off remains the best thing to do not to irritate the authorities, know that there are a few gadgets to safely use public transportation...


A gadget that doesn't prevent from being fined

For now, skates are forbidden in most public places and in public transport. You are in breach if you skate in a train or metro station.

Skates with detachable frames

For a maximum gain of time and efficiency when alternating transport modes (skate, bus, metro) you can get a pair of skates with removable frames like the Hypnos, the Rossignols, the Salomon SmartSkates or the Powerslide Step and Walk.
Although it is not the cheapest solution, it might be the most practical. Those skates cost between 100 and 250 €. The only limit to those products is that they are not the most efficient skates. The most successful ones are probably those in which you can simply put your shoes in. the Step-ins are stiffer, not really suitable for walking, and not really performant for skating either...

What about the Hyper Walk?

Getting special wedges for wheels is a second and cheaper solution. Hyper got the idea of making a small device that they called the Hyper Walk, but we are not sure they are still available on the market. Be careful, it doesn't prevent public transport agents from stopping you, since you are punishable by fine as soon as you've got your skates on.
These products remain hard to find, go and ask your specialized skate shop. The system is very simple, but you had yet to think of it: A screw opens and closes the device in the shape of a jaw that wedges between two wheels of your skates.
Our tip: Take your skates off in train and metro stations.

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