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Tip: Make your own DIY anti-rockers

Tip: Make your own DIY anti-rockers

The anti-rockers are the small wheels on both sides of the H-Block. Their small size prevents you from stopping on bars when sliding. They are sometimes expensive and they are not always easy to find, here is a solution to make your own DIY anti-rockers...


Description of the operation

Anti-rockers are kinds of mini-wheels that you place in the middle of your frame, on both sides of your H-Block on your aggressive skates. Their small size prevents you from stopping while sliding on big bars.

Some are equipped with bearings, others aren't.
See an example with the Remz skates on the picture.


  1. Take worn out aggressive wheels that you don't use anymore
  2. Place them in a vise
  3. File them down until they have the correct size (don't forget to turn them!)
  4. Use sandpaper to improve the finishing and avoid weird shapes
  5. Put bearings back in
  6. Mount like standard wheels...

Other methods?

One method simply consists in taking off the two middle wheels.
It is better to keep the axles for the rigidity of the frame and to reduce the risks of breakage or premature wear.

Freestyle frames

The easiest solution not to bother with anti-rockers is getting freestyle frames!

In fact, on this type of frame, there are just no middle wheels. No stopping problem, no fixing problem, no bearings, no axles, and they are lighter.

Most big brands have been producing their models for some years already. They are good for the practice of street skating, and for stalling on big rails and walls. More and more models on the market are equipped with this type of frame as standard.


Choosing your aggressive skates

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