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Tip: The slalom skater's perfect kit

Tip: The slalom skater's perfect kit

There's no need to spend a fortune to slalom: Dig up a few ingredients, a cord, a piece of chalk and a few cones, and you'll be just as good as Mac Gyver. Proof here...



Here is a light DIY kit that you can carry in a plastic bag, a fanny pack or a backpack pocket. It is made of:

  • A piece of sidewalk chalk
  • A cord
  • Big bottle caps

A cord

  • Take a nylon cord
  • Make a knot 50 cm from one end
  • Another knot 80 cm from that same end
  • Cut the cord at 120 cm
  • Melt both ends (for it not to fray)
  • Here is your tracing meter measure!

A piece of chalk

  • At first, crouch down and trace a thin straight line in leaving the piece of chalk on the ground behind you
  • Then with the rope, mark your cones according to the slalom spacing you want (50, 80 or 120 cm)

This kit is very light and doesn't cost a thing. It's not cumbersome at all and resists to wind as well as plastic cones.

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By Alfathor
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos : Alfathor
Thanks to Jean-Pierre
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