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Tip: Don’t lose your screws and axles

Tip: Don’t lose your screws and axles

Have you ever lost an axle while you were enjoying your skating session? Or got past by a wheel going downhill? We have! There are simple solutions to avoid those unfortunate mishaps. Here is how to solve the problem when you're don't trust your screws 100%...

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Solutions to avoid inopportune unscrewing

When skates are mounted in factories, manufacturers take care of the tightening of the axles and screws. Sometimes to avoid them to clear out, they use threadlock.


It is a type of paint that you can apply on the thread of your screws. It exists in several hardnesses that can be distinguished with color coding or numbering. Make inquiries before buying this product!
Most of the time, one drop is enough, there's no use in putting reams of it. That way, you won't fear losing a wheel because of rough grounds anymore!

For more info about methods of using threadlock, read our file dedicated to threadlock.

Velcro strap

Here is another radical solution: Speed skaters sometimes fear that their frame screws loosen during a race. If you don't like getting past by a wheel rambling about, or meeting the ground before realizing it, a solution consists in covering the screw heads on the whole length of the frame with transparent tape (less ugly than neon yellow).
The task will be easier is the frame isn't too hollowed.


Following the same logic as for threadlock, another solution consists in wrapping up the thread with plumber's tape (thread seal teflon tape). It's often white and thin, and you'll find some in any DIY store.
The only drawback is that it is to be changed after every couple of unscrewing operations.

Thanks to Quentin for the tip

A drop of glue?

You can also put a drop of school glue, put very little of it. The only drawback is that your threads had better be in good condition with minimal wear otherwise you may not manage to unglue them.

Thanks to Quentin for the tip

Transparent nail polish

Ladies or gentlemen, in order not to lose a screw, you can also use nail polish that will serve as threadlock.

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By Alfathor
Translation: Chloe Seyres
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