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The maintenance of your skate frame

The maintenance of your skate frame

The frames of your skates can be made of plastic, composite or metal. The cleaning procedure is the same whatever their composition. Get a sponge, a cloth, a toothbrush, bathroom tissue and follow the steps!

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Don’t forget the elbow grease!

Frame maintenance

Dust, water, grease and combustibles are commonplace on our roads. They stick to your frames in the most inaccessible corners, especially around the axles and their fixation points. These areas must be well cleaned, otherwise the bearings may be impeded or get the dirt stocked there.

Frames are very simple to clean so don’t hesitate to do it regularly.

Frame maintenance

Can my frame be removed?

This is a question that should be asked! Most of the middle and high market models have removable aluminum frames. Down market skates usually have non-removable composite frames.

  • On Speed Skating skates, no problem: just unscrew the two or three points to remove the frame from the boot.
  • On Street Skating skates, it depends:
    - If the frame is riveted, you cannot remove it.
    - If it is screwed, it works like speed skating skates.
    - Some embossed aluminum frame models are removable but not all...
  • The frames on Hockey skates are easily removable.
  • On Artistic and Rink-Hockey skates, there are lots of screws. Then you’d rather clean them without removing.

A good shower or a wipe?

When there is only a layer of dust on the surface, a wipe of bathroom tissue is enough. When the frame is really dirty, a shower is needed!

Frame maintenance

The toothbrush can get anywhere: use it to reach the inaccessible corners ^

  • Remove the frame
  • Put it under water and clean the surface with a sponge or a damp cloth
  • Don’t forget the numerous corners, especially the axle threads! You can reach them with an (old) toothbrush.
  • Particularly brush the insertion points, screw threads and other threads
  • Think about the toothbrush to reach the remote corners and the screw threads
  • Dry the frame with a cloth or bathroom tissue before putting the frame on the boot again, in order to avoid the bearings to rust.

Tip: if you own an air gun, this can prove to be very handy to maintain all your skate spare parts! Don’t forget to protect your eyes from spitting with glasses.

Frame maintenance

The maintenance of your skate fastenings

axles maintenance

The shape and nature of your axles and screws varies according to the skate models.

There are:

  • Speed-skating-type simple axles (very handy!)
  • Double axles with the actual axle and the screw that is inserted in it. They are common on Street-skating and down market skates.

The most important thing to check is the wear and tear of the screw heads. If the thread is damaged, you might not be able to take off the axle and the screw... it’s going to be a real pain. Apart from drilling a hole, there are not many solutions.

Tip: Use adapted tools to unscrew or you may damage them. Do not unscrew an Allen thread with a Torque tool in the shape of a star! That’s the best way to widen the thread and make it unusable.
It takes time and you lose parts in the process…

The fastening of the axles: Never tighten them to the max

screw heads maintenanceDo not fasten the axles to the max or you won’t be able to remove them! When fastening with a tool, use only two fingers not to put too much strength in it. When the tool stops, do not insist too much or the axle may end up stuck.
The instructions for the fastening of the screws fixing the frame to the boot are the same!

The re


moving of the skate brakes

It is quite easy… unless you make a start on the removing of the brake support too. It is not necessary unless the support is damaged and doesn’t carry out its role anymore.

Check from time to time that you haven’t reached the wear and tear point indicated on the brake, otherwise you may damage the support or the screw. In this case you will have to change the whole. Some brakes are removable with a screw from under like on the picture, others with a crew or a lateral axle. It is not necessary to remove the brake support!

Tip: The day when you change your brake, take your skate to the shop with you. This will avoid you to doubt about the reference!

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By Alfathor
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