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Portage solutions for long distance skating raids

Portage solutions for long distance skating raids

For solo raids, without help and in total self-sufficiency, how to carry luggage and sleeping equipment becomes an essential point to think about. There are only two solutions: backpack or carrying device. Imagine yourself with a 25 kg load on your back... Remains the 'portage' solution. Description of the devices and solutions available...


The various solutions available

Les solutions de portage en raid rollerAs we're about to see, current solutions aren't legion. You'll have to show imagination to find a device meeting the needs of long distance skating.


Leaving with a backpack as your only luggage implies making drastic choices in terms of equipment. You can only take the bare minimum and will have to sleep in hotels or in campgrounds. We would advise you not to exceed 7 kg for your back not to suffer too much. Opt for a bag with low back reinforcements.

Alfathor's feedback

'Choose a backpack that isn't loose on your back and follows your moves. One of the drawbacks of carrying a backpack is that in case of heat, you'll sweat all the more. Take the bare minimum: water, food, light shoes, a few spare parts, a survival blanket, your cell phone, a map and/or gps, and potentially a small camera to immortalize your raid, your ID papers, a bit of money and that's all!'

Make your own device

It requires a lot of time to think about a reliable device that will be both light and easy to handle. Moreover, it implies good know-how to make it with cheap material.

Apache's feedback

'If you're not much of a handyman to make a device worthy of its name: light, handy, that makes tea and keeps it warm, thanks to the dynamo's friction on the tyre... opt for another solution.'

Supermarket caddy

This cage with stainless steel, chrome or plastic thin bars, mounted on 4 wheels tends to leave directions to chance. Everybody knows it, and we won't go further into our description (at least for all of you who have been at least once in a supermarket).

Apache's feedback

'It's expensive! And if you persist with your raid for the price of a plastic token, you'll be prosecuted for theft. Caddies are heavy and far too hard to handle to go past obstacles like sidewalks. Forget about it...'

Baby stroller

There are different kinds of strollers: with small or big wheels, with or without shock absorbers, with jaw or disc brakes...

Apache's feedback

'The best trolleys we have tested are the ones with good brakes and, most of all, with a big wheel base preventing them from tipping forwards in case of violent braking, although violent braking is relative with a stroller even equipped with disc brakes. However, they are not always easy to handle at high speed. Portage is good and it is a good solution that may be quite expensive if you buy one dedicated to your raids only. The best option is to recycle one, or to have kids beforehand.'

The Carrix

The Carrix is a light carrying solution (4.2 kg). It is made of two long aluminum tubes in the shape of a triangle. The structure is reinforced by two horizontal smaller tubes. It has a piece of canvas and straps. At the end of the two long bars there is a 20 cm wheel. At the other, wider, end there are handles that look like ski sticks. At the same end there is a harness to pull the Carrix and balance the load without having it all on the shoulders.
Many accessories are available, like 40 L or 70 L waterproof bags, bag protections and double wheels...

Apache's feedback

'The concept is well designed and very comfortable to pull. You don't feel much the weight of the load. If you adjust the harness you'll have an enjoyable pulling comfort and you will avoid back pain problems, in sparing your energy. You can also drop the handles without the device losing balance. In sharp bends, the Carrix follows your moves. It reaches its limits when you need to zigzag between obstacles (cones, passers-by, cars...) or in downhill to stop.You get the sensation of having a big tail in the back going from right to left, sweeping everything in its wake. This device is dangerous on traffic roads. It is originally designed for passers-by on paths away from highways.'

The SkateDrive

This light portage device (from 3.5 to 4.6 kg depending on the models) looks a lot like the front part of a bike. It has a handlebar and a thick telescopic arm made of aluminum, with a fork at the bottom end that holds a 16 inches wheel with brakes. It can carry loads over 25 kg. The SkateDrive is designed for multiple uses. As for portage during raids, the SkateDrive can be equipped with a luggage rack and soft saddlebags or a 62 L hard case.
It can also be equipped with a disk brake or two V-type brakes, a front and (or) rear fender, a light, a rear-view mirror, a kickstand and four bottle holders. There are different models, including one with an integrated electric engine and even a kid's model!

Apache's feedback

'This product is very well designed. It remains very easy to handle even with a 25 kg load. It has many advantages as for raid skating. On top of offering a good carrying capacity for the skater's luggage, it offers good comfort throughout the route, without vibrations in the hands, saves energy, and provides safe driving with the efficient built-in braking system. The load is almost totally supported by the wheel. The many accessories that can be added are also a plus. It is the best carrying device that we have tested so far.'

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By Apache
Translation: Chloe Seyres
Photos: Carrix and all rights reserved
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