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2013 advertising rates on ReL and OLS

2013 advertising rates on ReL and OLS

ReL/OLS is a non profit association which is working for the development of roller and inline skating all around the World. Advertising represents half the income of the association. To work with us is a win/win deal: you promote your products to a highly targeted audience of skaters and you also make ReL/OLS perpetual!


A diversified offering for a wide variety of actors

Are you...

Organisateur d'événementMagasin de rollerMarques de roller

an event organizer?

a shop?

a brand?

Some figures about ReL/OLS

How old are you?Internet has become an indispensable tool to reach a maximum of skaters. The population is relatively young and skating fans are addicted to new technologies and social media.

For more information on the profile of our readers, you can consult this survey (in French).

With over 5,000 visits and 15,000 pages seen daily, ReL/OLS is an unparalleled showcase on the web. More than a simple advertising offer, we can build together a communication campaign dedicated to your brand and products on our web sites..

  • Date of birth: December 2003, 11th.
  • Site available in: French, English, Spanish (and German soon!)
  • Countries represented: 186
  • Visits in 2010 : over 3,3 millions
  • Montly record: 321.706
  • Daily record: 19.377
  • Newsletters' subscribers: 5000
  • Skates in our database: 2400
  • Articles : 2611
  • News: 11534
  • Skaters registred on our forums: 6567
  • Places to skate: 4500

Contact us

Here: webmaster@rollerenligne.com

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