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Muscle Strengthening with Yann Guyader 08: Lateral leaps

Muscle Strengthening with Yann Guyader 08: Lateral leaps

Let's get further into muscle strengthening with Yann Guyader. Here is a dynamic drill for pushes and technique with a series of lateral leaps. More than merely jumping to the sides, you should first think about the good placing of your body…

By  Alexandre CHARTIER

Series of lateral leaps

A bad placing of the arms will modify your whole body position. A mere rotation of your arm with your elbow opening will make your shoulders pivot. It modifies the general balance of your body and the efficiency of your skating...

For a good execution of the drill

  • Execute lateral leaps in reproducing the skating move
  • Your knee goes back into the axis
  • Hold the position stable at each landing before bringing it back
  • Your shoulders shouldn't twist or pump
  • Your arms are active


Take two lines on the ground as landmarks, leaping from one line to the other without moving forwards.


10 leaps for each side, i.e. 20 in total. 

Useful links

#00 Introduction

#01 Keeping the skating stance

#02 Reinforcing the push phase

#03 Bringing the leg back after the push

#04 Squatting on skates

#05 One-leg flexing

#06 Dynamic work for pushes

#07 Arm moves

#08 Lateral leaps

#09 Bringing the skate back with tonicity

#10 Jump series

#11 Static cross-overs

#12 Static cross-overs with straight leg

#13 Lateral leaps with progressive forwards motion

#14 Muscle reinforcement - General conclusion

By Alfathor
Photos: Alfathor
Thanks to Yann Guyader and Bio Rider Nature
Translation: Chloe Seyres 
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