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Recap on the 2017 Three Tracks Trophy

Recap on the 2017 Three Tracks Trophy

The 31st edition of the Three Tracks Trophy took place in excellent weather conditions during the Easter weekend. The last races in Gujan were won by Nolan Beddiaf (EO Skates) and Colombian Fabriana Arias Perez (Club Paen)...

By  Aurélien GACHET


Nolan Beddiaf, vainqueur des 3 Pistes 2017

A Program running Smoothly

We hadn't had a Three Tracks edition without rain for years, enough years for it to be worth mentioning. The event ran smoothly in the best conditions, following a well-oiled organization set up by the three clubs, under the guidance of Daniel Bonithon (Pibrac), Jules Frégona (Valence d'Agen), and Roland Broustaut (Gujan-Mestras).
No delay to report, despite the 842 skaters and the hundreds of races on the schedule!

Ewen Fernandez vainqueur à Pibrac

The Participants

This year, the American delegation didn't make the trip, except for World champion Erin Jackson. The latter told us that she was currently spending most of her time on ice to try and enter Team USA. She had done only 4 inline skating trainings since the 2016 World Championships of Speed Skating in Nanjing, China. No doubt she will make her way to the 2022 Beijing Olympics.

Let's note the coming this year of a 55-person Iranian delegation, including over 30 skaters. At a time where conflicts are shaking the Middle East, the organizer wanted to stress out the strong symbolic of their presence at the event.

Patineuse de la délégation iranienne

Senior Men: More Open Races and Many Outsiders

Over the last years, we had gotten used to victories without much suspense from the EOSkates team and their black-and-red armada. This year, the first places were keenly contested.

This renewal of interest came from the Powerslide formation, which was represented by the French world champion Ewen Fernandez (3rd at the general ranking), supported by German Félix Rijhnen (37th at the GR) and dreadful Colombian Hamilton Patino Dorado (36th at the GR), who did a huge job for his leader. Portuguese Diogo Marreiros (7th GR) and Martyn Dias (12th GR) of Roller Lagos Club of Patinagem also spiced up the show, especially on the 1000 m where Diogo took all the risks to pass Paxti Peula (EOSkates, 2nd GR).

Gwendal Le Pivert (Bont, 6th GR) owned the sprint competition in winning the 500 m in Pibrac and the 1000 m in Gujan-Mestras. The Rollerblade Team made an appearance with ever-discreet Quentin Giraudeau (3rd GR), but always ranked in the Top-10, for each race. Last but not least, let's mention the feats of Colombian Carlos Ivan Franco Perez (Club Paen) in the Top-4, and of Elton de Souza (MX Takino MPC) entering the Top-5 solo.

Nolan Beddiaf (EOSkates), first at the general ranking, will have shown the best consistency, finishing 2nd of the 1000 m, and 1st of the point race in Gujan-Mestras. The skater of RIL Lambale is a versatile athlete!

Check out the General Ranking of the Senior Men

Départ des seniors dames

Senior Women: The Unquestionable Colombian Domination

What can be said of the performance of the Colombian world champion? Fibrin Arias Perez owned all the races she took part in, winning sprints and long-distance races. With hindsight, it is quite a logical feat, in view of her world title list. She obviously could count on the support of her club team mate, Laura Isabel Gomez Qintero.
Against her, the French Clémence Halbout (2nd GR) and Juliette Pouydebat (3rd GR) did good overall performances in reaching the Women's podium. Juliette imposed herself by a whisker in front of Daniela Mendoza Calas (Cadomotus, Spain — 4th GR, with a tie on points).

Special mention to Maite Ancin Gambarte (Ligne droite roller — ADSJDKE, 6th GR), 2nd at the 1000 m in Valence d'Agen, 3rd in Valence and 3rd in Pibrac.

Check out the General Ranking of the Senior Women

Départ des seniors dames

Useful Links

Visit our page of the 2017 Three Tracks Trophy for more photos, videos, and results. 

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