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Levant Marvin Richardson (USA)

Levant Marvin Richardson (USA)



Richardson Ball Bearing and Skate Company : 1898 – ?

Publicité pour les patins RicardsonThe Richardson skates were born in Chicago. In 1884, Levant M. Richardson registered a patent for the use of steel bearings to reduce the friction. He succedes Plimpton who had already made his fortune in selling rollerskates.

Thanks to the bearings used by Richardson, skates gain a lot in rolling and speed.

They are sophisticated and well made. Richardson uses rubber inserts on the trucks to make the skating more comfortable. 'Beauty of design – Strength and Durability – We do not sacrifice quality for cheapness' was the motto of the brand.

The Richardson models are part of the most used in the American roller rinks. You can find some at the convention Hall of Kansas City, at the Coliseum in Chicago, at the Mechanics' Pavillion in San Francisco... 


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