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2011 Namwon Korea Open

From 25/06/11 09:00 to 26/06/11 20:00

The 2011 Namwon Korea Open will be held in Namwon, Korea from June 21st to 28th, 2011. We expect that a number of countries and regions affiliated with FIRS, CARS, WSSA, and CIRILH are planning to participate in this competition and various events will be also performed.

KRSF(Korea Roller Sports Federation) has strived to make the Korean Open as the comprehensive competitions which consist of speed, slalom and inline hockey with the aim of improving the standard of the Asian roller sports. In that sense, we include inline hockey in the 2011 Namwon Korea Open.

I would like to show our commitment in developing this annual event to the renowned international competition that many skaters are willing to participate. This fascinating event is the fourth time since 2008. Total prize money over USD60,000(KR\70,000,000) is arranged in order to encourage all participants to do their best during competitions.

No entry fees but the expense of travel, accommodations and meals will be up to each team or skater. All participating teams and entrants are kindly requested to send the final entry to the below address within and not later than May 27th, 2011 through your national governing Federation/Association.

The address is as follows:

Room 601, Olympic Center #88, Oryun-Dong, Songpa-Gu,
Seoul, Korea 138-749
Tel.             +82-2-420-4277      , 8 Fax. +82-2-420-6711
Email : rollersports@sports.or.kr

General conditions and regulations for the 2011 Namwon Korea Open are as attached.

I hope that the Korea Open will promote roller sports competition in Asian region and make roller sports as a sports program of the Asian Games and the Olympics in the near future.

If you have any queries on the 2011 Namwon Korea Open, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Awaiting to meet all of you in Namwon, I remain sincerely yours,

2011 Namwon Korea will be held in Namwon city, Jeollabuk-do, Korea from June 21st to June 28th, 2011
i) Track events will be from June 21st to 24th, 2011
ii) Road events will be from June 25th to 27th, 2011
iii) Freestyle skating will be from June 25th to 26th, 2011
iv) Inline Hockey will be from June 25th to 28th, 2011

Korea Roller Sports Federation
Namwon City

Confederation of Asian Roller Sports
Namwon Municipal Sports Council
Jeollabuk-do Roller Sports Federation

i) Card-carrying athletes and/or skaters from Affiliated Associations and Federations
with FIRS and/or CARS, and WSSA
ii) An individual skater from amateur clubs

i) Track events : 200m outdoor banked track, paved cement surface
ii) Road events : 400m closed circuit road course with asphalt surface
iii) Freestyle : outdoor, 40m X 10m, paved cement surface
iv) Inline Hockey : 25m X 50m (max), paved urethane surface (inner space in 200m banked track)

Preliminary Entry
- All participating teams and entrants are kindly requested to send their Preliminary Entry Forms to KRSF within and not later than April 27th, 2011 by mail, fax or email.

Final Entry
- All participating teams or entrants are kindly requested to send their Final Entry Forms to KRSF not later than May 27th, 2011 by mail, fax or email.

Competition Events
i) Freestyle Skating(Slalom)
a. Freestyle slalom
b. Speed slalom
c. Pair slalom

i) Freestyle Skating
a. Freestyle Skating Rules & Regulations of KRSF with the most updated articles shall be applied.
b. The number of participants of each team is not limited.
c. Pair Slalom must consist of only 2 skaters for each team and shall be not classified by sex group.
d. For the safety of the competition, the skates and other equipments should be adequate.
e. Music for Freestyle Slalom and Pair Slalom must be collected by the Judges Committee ONE DAY prior to the commencement of the competition. It must be on separate CDs and the CDs must be marked clearly with the skaters’ names, sex, country, category and event. No other music shall be recorded.

i) Freestyle Skating
According to the result each event, the top 3 (three) athletes will be awarded a medal, prize money and certificate.

i) Freestyle Skating

(Monetary unit : Korean Won[\])
Division MEN WOMEN
Free:Senior 1st 1,500,000 1st 700,000
2nd 800,000 2nd 400,000
3rd 500,000 3rd 200,000
Junior 1st 500,000 1st 400,000
2nd 300,000 2nd 300,000
3rd 200,000 3rd 200,000

Speed:Senior 1st 700,000 1st 400,000
2nd 500,000 2nd 300,000
3rd 300,000 3rd 200,000
Junior 1st 300,000 1st 300,000
2nd 200,000 2nd 200,000
3rd 100,000 3rd 100,000

Pair 1st 1,000,000 2nd 700,000 3rd 500,000

Special Prize Money for Overseas

Most Popular Athlete (2 Athletes 500,000 / 300,000
Best Performance (2 Athletes) 500,000 / 300,000
Best Dresser (2 Athletes) 500,000 / 300,000
Encouragement Prize (2 Athletes) 500,000 / 300,000
Special Prize (1 Athlete) 500,000

i) No entry fees.
ii) Accommodation, meals and local transportation
a. Each team or entrant is responsible for their own traveling, board and lodging expenses while the local organizers will provide you with local transportation from the Incheon Int’l Airport to Namwon when you arrive in the airport.
b. The local organizers are responsible for the shuttle bus from your accommodation place to the event venue and return during the event.
iii) For foreign participants we recommend you Hankook Condominium. Rooms are for 2 to 5 persons and mostly for 4 persons. The price including buffet breakfast in one room with 4 persons is 29,000 Korean Won(Tax included) per person.(about USD26 to USD28) Lunch and dinner will be able to serve you the price 12,900 Korean Won(Tax included)(about USD11 to USD12). In addition there are many motels in Namwon city. The price for the room with double bed in the motels will be about USD40~50 (45,000 ~ 50,000 Korean won) per day per room(not per person). Also you can have meals at the restaurants near the motels but Korean food will be served at most of the restaurants. The ordinary price will be about USD5~6 (5,000 ~ 6,000 Korean won) per meal.
iv) All foreign participants are requested to advise your room requirements with your flight itinerary within May 20th 2011. According to your requirements the local organizers are going to arrange the rooms and so on for you. Also the ground transportation information from Incheon Airport to Namwon will be informed after your notice on room requirements and flight itinerary like the above. No notice on schedule, no transportation on arrival in Korea.

The Visa to enter Korea will be up to each participant. It is recommended to contact the Embassy/Consultant of the Republic of Korea in your country for Visa Application as soon as possible.

In the case that there is any necessary document for application from KRSF(Korea Roller Sports Federation), please let us know in advance.

i) All participants are requested to attend the opening ceremony scheduled on June 21st, 2011 with their official uniforms.
ii) The Organizers reserve the rights to use the photos, audio & video materials, etc. of all athletes for the purpose of promoting Korea Open and roller sports.
iii) All participating teams and individuals should be responsible for their treatment expenses for injuries during competitions. Please note that Life Insurances are recommended against accidents and illnesses in Korea.

If you need more information please contact to this

Room 601, Olympic Center #88, Oryun-Dong, Songpa-Gu,
Seoul, Korea 138-749
Tel.             +82-2-420-4277      , 8 Fax. +82-2-420-6711
Email : rollersports@sports.or.kr

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