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World Roller Speed-Skating Championships 2011

From 29/08/11 10:00 to 09/09/11 19:00

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World Tour on the Track of Yeosu: Welcome to Australia!

And here is a new destination: We are now at the heart of the delegation of a country, the area of which is nearly twice as big as that of the European Union: Australia...

World Tour on the Track of Yeosu: The Argentinian Delegation

Let's go on with our world tour of the delegations attending the 2011 speed skating world championships in Yeosu (South Korea). Argentinia came with skaters of different categories. Let's see the place of skating in the Land of Football...

World Tour on the track of Yeosu: Welcome to Chile!

The skaters of this tricontinental country had to travel to a fourth continent to meet and confront the best skaters in the world of the discipline, in Yeosu, South Korea – thus in Asia. Let's meet the Chilean skaters...

World Tour on the Track of Yeosu: Venezuela

After a couple of stopovers in South-East Asia, let's pack our luggage for South America! What a journey: Indeed, to come from Caracas, the capital, to Yeosu, the Venezuelians had to stop over in Paris! Let's meet the South-American skaters...

Final Report about medal obtention at the World Championship in Yeosu (South Korea)

There are 112 skating federations in the world according to the organization of the World Championship's website. Only 38 took part in the 2011 World Championship in Yeosu, South Korea, although more than fourty had registered...

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The World Roller Speed-Skating Championships 2011 will take place in South Korea in the city of Yeosu from 29 August to 9 September. Rollerenligne.com team will be there to cover the event. Reports, photos, videos, our team will follow the event for you...

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