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Blue Ridge Challenge 2012

From 16/02/12 15:00 to 19/02/12 17:00

The Blue Ridge Challenge 2012 will take place in Roanoke (VA) from February 16 thru February 19, 2012.


Programs: $5.00Tee Shirts: $12.00

Star City Family Skating Center
140 Hershberger Rd
Roanoke, VA 24012
Phone: 540-362-5195


February 16 thru February 19, 2012.


$35 for the 1st event and $15 for each additional
World Class: $50 for the 1st event and $15 each additional
Programs: $5.00
Tee Shirts: $12.00
Door fees: $5.00 a Day / $12 for the Weekend 


180 X 80 with fresh Titanium Plastic


Thursday 2/16/12

Practice - 5:00 – 7:00pm

Friday 2/17/12

- Novice Division and Novice Relays - Possibly opens

Saturday 2/18/12

Standard Division and Opens

Sunday 2/19/12

Standard Relays

Standard Divisions & Distances Novice Divisions & Distances
Tiny Tot100m300m Juvenile200m500m
Primary200m400m Elementary300m700m
Juvenile200m500m Freshman300m1000m
Elementary300m700m Sophomore500m1500m
Freshman300m1000m Junior500m1500m
Sophomore500m1500m Senior500m2000m
Junior Ladies500m1500m Classic500m1500m
Junior Men500m2000m Master500m1000m
Senior Ladies500m2000m Veteran500m1000m
Senior Men1000m3000m    
Classic Ladies500m1500m    
Classic Men500m2000m OPENS  
Master Ladies500m1000m Master35 yrs +3000m
Master Men500m1500m Senior14 yrs +50 / 30
Veteran500m1000m Freshman10 – 13yrs2000m
Esquire500m1000m Juvenile9 & under1500m
World Class500m3000m World Class 5000m
Senior Ladies2 Man2 Lady2 Mix5000m3000m3000m
Sophomore2 Man2 Lady2 Mix3000m2000m3000m
Elementary2 Boy2 Girl2 Mix2000m  
Primary2 Boy2 Girl2 Mix1200m  
Classic 2 Man2 Lady2 Mix2000m  
Master  2 Man2 Lady2 Mix2000m  
Veteran  2 Man2 Lady2 Mix2000m  
Master  3 Man3 Lady3 Mix3000m3000m3000m
Senior  3 Man3 Lady3 Mix6000m4200m4200m
Freshman3 Boy3 Girl3 Mix3000m3000m3000m
Juvenile3 Boy3 Girl3 Mix1800m1800m1800m
Master  4 Mix2000m Freshman4 Mix2000m
Senior  4 Mix4000m Juvenile4 Mix1200m
Nov Senior2 Man2 Lady2 Mix2000m  
Nov Sophomore2 Man2 Lady2 Mix2000m  
Nov Elementary2 Boy2 Girl2 Mix2000m  
Nov Classic2 Man2 Lady2 Mix2000m  
Nov Master2 Man2 Lady2 Mix2000m  

Important notice

  • Standard skaters may Challenge up one division, but must skate their own division also.
  • Novice skaters Challenge up will be to Standard.
  • No Challenge up in Relay Events.
  • There will be draw relays for those with no relay partners. Please fill in the form with the application packet. Relays will be computer picked, DO NOT SEND IN PARTNERS.
  • Medals and cash prizes will be awarded to all 1st, 2nd and 3rd places in Standard and Novice Divisions. Medals to all relays placements.
  • All heats in Division and Relays will be shortened.
  • All opens will be ran on the NIRA track.
  • Cash prizes to the top 5 in each open.
  • Tentative schedule subject to change.
  • World Class will be skated on the Nira Track.

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