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2012 Minnesota half-marathon (USA)

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2012 Minnesota half-marathon (USA)

The 2012 Minnesota Half Marathon will be held on August 4th in St. Paul (MN, USA). This will be a major event of the NROC (National Roller Cup). The course follows the graceful curves of the Mississippi river in Saint-Paul. The Minnesota Half Marathon is all about skating with friends, families, co-workers and teammates. Some people are racing, others join for the challenge of a personal best.

More info on the web site of the event

2012 NROC Schedule

On 17 March - Metrodome Inline Marathon 2012 (Minneapolis, MI, USA)
From 21 April to 22 April - 2012 Texas Road Rash Inline Skate (TX, USA)
From 09 June to 10 June - Marathon Roller de Montréal (Canada)
From 15 June to 16 June - Apostle Islands Inline Marathon 2012 in Madeline Island (WI, USA)
From 22 June to 24 June - Skate of the Union Grand Prix (Washington, DC, USA)
On 01 July - 2012 Canada Day Marathon (Cambridge, Ontario)
From 21 July to 22 July - Chicagoland Inline Marathon (IL)
On 04 August - 2012 Minnesota half-marathon (USA)
From 31 August to 03 September - 24hrs Roller Montreal: Are you up to the challenge?
On 15 September - 2012 Northshore Inline Marathon (MN, USA)
On 29 September - The New York City Skate Marathon 2012

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