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2012 Northshore Inline Marathon (MN, USA)

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2012 Northshore Inline Marathon (MN, USA)

The 2012 Northshore Marathon will be held on September 15th in Duluth (MN, USA). This event is one of the most important in the United-States of America with 3000 to 4000 skaters. This race is part of the NROC (National Roller Cup).

In order to increase safety, ease crowding and allow for growth, all skaters will be placed in waves determined by past performances. Registrants with no previous NSIM history must choose their wave (one-time basis only).

More info: web site of the event

2012 NROC Schedule

On 17 March - Metrodome Inline Marathon 2012 (Minneapolis, MI, USA)
From 21 April to 22 April - 2012 Texas Road Rash Inline Skate (TX, USA)
From 09 June to 10 June - Marathon Roller de Montréal (Canada)
From 15 June to 16 June - Apostle Islands Inline Marathon 2012 in Madeline Island (WI, USA)
From 22 June to 24 June - Skate of the Union Grand Prix (Washington, DC, USA)
On 01 July - 2012 Canada Day Marathon (Cambridge, Ontario)
From 21 July to 22 July - Chicagoland Inline Marathon (IL)
On 04 August - 2012 Minnesota half-marathon (USA)
From 31 August to 03 September - 24hrs Roller Montreal: Are you up to the challenge?
On 15 September - 2012 Northshore Inline Marathon (MN, USA)
On 29 September - The New York City Skate Marathon 2012

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