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2012 4x4 roller of Mérignac (33, France)

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2012 4x4 roller of Mérignac (33, France)

After a year off, due to work on the site, the Merignac Roller Sports association informs you that the 4x4 Roller will take place the sixth edition of the 4x4 Roller of Merignac will be held on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2012 on the site Conforexpo Bordeaux.

Book this date now, you will be informed from the start of registration.
The 4x4 Roller is a 4:00 race (in solo or in teams of four skaters) on an outdoor circuit of one kilometer. More than 200 skaters participating in this race each year. Our foreign friends are welcome, the Spanish skaters are regularly present.

The entry fee for salon Conforexpo is included.

More info: http://www.merignac-roller-sports.com
Email : contact@merignac-roller-sports.com
Tel :

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