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Roller Marathon French Cup 2013 - Transroller (25)

From 14/09/13 13:00 to 15/09/13 15:00

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2013 Transroller: From Pontarlier to Mouthe with the leading packs

Despite harsh weather conditions, the fourth stage of the Skating Marathon French Cup unfolded in good conditions between Pontarlier and Mouthe. Nolan Beddiaf (EOSkates) made the difference at the sprint in the Men's, just like Clémence Halbout (Windress) in the Women's...

13th edition of the Transroller (France)

From Pontarlier to Mouthe on your skates or your rollerski. Have you ever crossed the amazing landscapes of Doubs in France? That's part of the program scheduled for leisure skaters and competitor. Be ready for 14 and 15th September 2013...

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Interview of Clément Chaduc (France)

We had the opportunity to meet Clement Chaduc at the 2013 Transroller in Pontarlier (France). The skater from the ALVA finished third and also took the first in the U20 category. The interview is in French but you can still enjoy the pictures of the race!

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Roller Marathon French Cup 2013 - Transroller (25)

A stage of the Roller Marathon French Cup 2012 will take place in Pontarlier with the "Transroller" on September 2013, 14th and 15th. Skaters will compete on the heights from Pontarlier to Mouthe for the most beautiful city to city race of the year ... This race is opened to rollerskates and rollerskis.

More information will be available soon on  the web site of the event

Calendar of the 2013 Roller Marathon French Cup

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