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Team France Bootcamp: "Born To Reform" in Bordeaux (33, France)

From 05/01/13 09:30 to 06/01/13 15:00

Team France Bootcamp:

On 5th and 6th January 2013, a dozen players of Team France 2011 offer a Bootcamp to share their experience. They also plan to prepare the next selections of Team France 2013!


Saturday, January 5, 2013 from 9:30 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Sunday, January 6, 2013 from 10:00 to 15:00


Attention, Bootcamp does not pretend to replace the selections!The goal is simple: Share experience and explain the future players, coaches and staff how Team France works.


This Bootcamp is clearly the next step prior selections.It is therefore intended for players who have reached a confirmed level and possess both knowledge and / or potential sufficient to be part of the national team.For coaches, are expected people with some experience and willing to present their candidature to Team France, but also coaches including players would make selections and seeking information on the best way to prepare before and after.

About the staff, Team France needs a management team capable of managing, in agreement and in communion with the team, all that is happening around: the organization of training, travel, communication, media relations, etc. as in any League final. If you want to devote yourself to Team France, you will be welcomed with open arms.


Players and Coaches Registration: 30 €
Register Staff = to come ...
Soon more information on the method of payment.
(Money not used in the organization of this Bootcamp will be donated in full to the next Team France). 


Near Bordeaux : Halle des sports, allée Pierre de Coubertin in Talence.
Tramway and bus : Doyen Brus.

Will participate:

  • Belle Zébuth ~ Roller Derby Bordeaux
  • Dee I. Why ~ Orléans Roller Derby
  • Dixie Pixie ~ Paris Rollergirls
  • Dual Hitizen ~ DC Rollergirls, Washington, USA
  • Emi Wild ~ Roller Derby Bordeaux
  • Féroce Satine ~ San Diego Derby Dolls, San Diego, USA
  • Francey Pants ~ Denver Roller Dolls , USA
  • Hell' Alaniak ~ Roller Derby Bordeaux
  • Karla Karschër ~ Roller Derby Bordeaux
  • Kozmic Bruise ~ Paris Rollergirls
  • Machete ~ Barcelona Roller Derby, Espagne
  • Pooky Balboa ~ Crime City Rollers, Malmö, Suede
  • Whisky Mamy ~ Paris Rollergirls



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