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Ultra Skate Challenge Germany 2013

From 17/08/13 09:00 to 01/09/13 19:00

Ultra Skate Challenge Germany 2013

In August 2013 twenty experienced long distance skaters from all over Central Europe will begin a 1500 km journey through Germany. In 14 days the German Republic will be crossed from Rheinfelden in the south-west to Usedom Island on the Polish border. A daily average distance of 120 km has to be covered over 13 stages. The total journey of 1500 km will be completed on skates. A shuttle transfer by car should only be necessary in emergency cases.

Some of the heroes of this challenge have known each other for many years. They have completed many races and tours together and can follow each others speed and rhythm. The group members are from both the speedskating and track world. Well-known marathon champions from Sweden and Germany are among the group. Their great experiences from the last 1000 and 1200 km trips in 2010 and 2012 has raised awareness of the challenge and some other interested people have joined the group. They all are individuals who enjoy pushing themselves - even in painful moments - and helping the others when necessary. It is not essential that everyone skates at the same speed as GPS is used to track the route on each stage. It is likely that smaller sub groups will form, but at the end of the day they will finish the stage together.

"To plan the route takes around five years of research work" says Michael Seitz, the architect of this challenging tour and one of the coaches from Speedteam Freiburg (Germany).
"If you want to offer routes that are mostly free of traffic, well surfaced and in an attractive landscape, you have to plan really hard. And you have to verify the whole 1500k physically on your own!" The crossing of the mountains in the heart of Germany, Rhöne and Harz will be an outstanding adventure. On their trip to the Baltic Sea, the skaters will be accompanied by some of the biggest German rivers: the Rhine, the Main, the Elbe and the Oder. Short excursions to France and Poland will add even more variety to the tour.

To meet the logistical requirements of such a challenge, three minibuses and cyclists will be in close proximity to the 20 skaters. They still need two bus drivers and two cyclists to join them. Let us know if you want to attend!

Unfortunately, the limit of 20 skaters is already reached. Further interested persons can only be added to the waiting list.

The ‘Ultra Skate Challenge Germany 2013’ will take place from August 17th to September 1st, 2013.

More information: www.ultraskatechallenge2013.de

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