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World Skate cross Series in Moscou (Russia)

From 07/09/13 09:00 to 08/09/13 18:00

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World Skate Cross Series - Moscow (Russia)

The 10th stage of the 2014 World Skate Cross Series was held in Moscow, Russia. Ilya Sukhenko (RUS) won the Russian step of the World Skate Cross Series for the 3rd time in a row.

' WSX 2014 Season ' World Skate Cross Series - Moscow , RUSSIA #10 from World Skate Cross Series on Vimeo.

This time Antony Pottier (Bel) was the only one in front of him after the time trials, beating the record of the track with 29,264 seconds. 
In the final, a contact between those two skaters turned in favor of I.Sukhenko, and the belgian lost his speed, couldn't catch the other skaters, finishing the race at the 4th place. 
Anthony Avella (Fra), kept the second position until the end, in front of Maxim Anin (Rus). 
The current world champion repeated his result of last year, and thanks to this second place, came back closer in the ranking from A.Pottier, still leader after 10 competitions.

Irina Davydova (Rus), for her first race this season, won the final of the women's WSX in Moscow, for the second time after her victory of 2012. 
The French leaders of the world championships being absent this year, she is coming back on them, entering the ranking directly at the 10th place. 
Alexandra Sukhareva (Rus), took the second place of the final race ; it is her second podium this season after her second place in WSX Marseille. 
On the 3rd place, Anna Mitrofanova (Rus) got her best result so far in a main skatecross event. 
Anna Borovska (Ukr) took the 4th place, as 2013.

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World Skate cross Series in Moscou (Russia)

A stage of World Skate Cross Series 2013 will take place in Moscow (Russia) on 7 and 8 September. Additional information will be posted later.

Calendar of the 2013 Worlds SkateCross Series

To be confirmed

  • Lausanne (Switzerland)
  • Liverpool (Great-Britain)
  • Mexico (Mexico)
  • Barcelone (Spain)
  • Kiev (Ukraine)
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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