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World Skate cross Series in Shanghai (China)

From 07/09/13 09:00 to 08/09/13 18:00

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2014 WSX Skatecross Finals in Shanghai (China)

The WSX Skatecross finals in Shanghai is the fastest race of the year, featuring the world's best skaters. This year was one of the most spectacular edition of the competition. Have a look at the highlights and men/women final round...

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World Skate cross Series in Shanghai (China)

A step of World Skate Cross Series 2013 will be held in Shanghai (China) on 12 and 13 October. Additional information will be posted later.

Calendar of the 2013 Worlds SkateCross Series

To be confirmed

  • Lausanne (Switzerland)
  • Liverpool (Great-Britain)
  • Mexico (Mexico)
  • Barcelone (Spain)
  • Kiev (Ukraine)
  • Buenos Aires (Argentina)

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