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2013 World Roller Figure Skating Championships - Taipei City (China Taipei)

From 05/11/13 09:30 to 16/11/13 19:00

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Medal Ranking at the World Championships of Artistic Skating

There is nothing like immersing yourself in statistics to have an objective look at the evolution of medalled nations at the World Championships of Artistic Skating.

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2013 World Roller Figure Skating Championships - Taipei City (China Taipei)

The 2013 World Roller Figure Skating Championships will be held in Taipei City (China Taipei) from November 2013, 5th to 16th. The event is organized by the Chinese Taipei Federation.

About the skating rink

The rink is on the lst floor of the building and will be coated with Roll-on at the end of October to ensure it is absolutely perfect for our Championships. On the 4th floor will be another rink the same size floor and it will be available from the 9th November onwards for extra private practice, which will be organised by a member of the Organising Committee in Taipei, and everyone will have the opportunity to hire it during the second week. 

About the competition

The Precision, Small and Large Show Groups will use this facility for the day of their competitions, for changing, make up, etc., as the access is from 4 lifts specially going from the lst to 4th floor for this purpose.

Provisional programme

Tuesday 5th Nov

  • Junior Judges Arrival

Wednesday 6th Nov

  • 9:30-16:00 Registration for all Junior Teams & InLine
  • 18:30 Draw for all Junior & InLine Championships

Thursday 7th Nov

  • Training Junior Teams & InLine
  • 10:00 Junior Judges Meeting

Friday 8th Nov

  • Fri/Sat/Sun Nov Competition of Junior & InLine

Sunday 10th Nov

  • Senior Judges Arrival
  • 9:30-16:00 Registration of Senior Teams
  • 18:00 Draw for Order of Skating for Senior Teams

Monday 11th Nov

  • Departure of Junior Judges
  • Training for Senior Teams
  • 9:30-16:00 Registration of Precision & Show
  • 18:00 Judges Meeting

Tuesday 12th Nov


Thursday 14th Nov

  • 10:00 CIPA Meeting
  • Tue/Wed/Thu/Fri/Sat
  • 12-13-14-15-16 Nov Senior, Show & Prec Competition


  • Departure Day

More information here and live broadcast on the website of FIRS

Next to the competition

The Federation called WSSA (World Slalom Skating Association), will be joining us for our Opening Ceremony on Thursday 7 November, and their own Event will take place from the 4 November until the 8th on the 4th floor. From the 9 November onwards the floor will be for the use of Artistic Skating, and the lst floor will be for Artistic only from the beginning to the end of our Championships. 

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