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2014 Marathon of Pamplona-Puente-la-Reina

Le 14/09/14 de 10:00 à 16:00

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Documentary on the Pamplona Skating Marathon in Puente-la-Reina, Spain

Here is a wonderful documentary (French subbed) on one of the greatest Spanish skating races, the P2P Marathon of Pamplona in Puente-la-Reina, an annual meeting for Spanish and foreign skaters.

The documentary is based on several accounts, including that of visually impared singer Serafin Zubiri who completed the 2014 edition. French Clémence Halbout and Guillaume de Mallevoue (2APN Avon) won the women's and men's races, breaking the records of the competition at the same time.

Next edition will take place on September 13th, 2015.

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2014 Marathon of Pamplona-Puente-la-Reina

The 2014 Inline Speed Skating International Marathon of Pamplona-Puente-la-Reina will take place on September 2014, 14th. The registrations will be open soon on the Web site of the organization.

More info : Web site of the Event

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