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Ladies World Championship of Rink-Hockey in Tourcoing (France)

From 25/10/14 10:00 to 02/11/14 19:00

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2014 Worlds of Women's Rink Hockey: Argentina on top of the world

Despite all their aggressiveness, the French team didn't have the realism of the Argentinean during the ultimate game of the world championships. Argentina imposed themselves 3 to 0 in Tourcoing...

2014 Women's Worlds: France in final against Argentina

On the program of the penultimate day of the women's worlds of rink hockey were the playoff games and the semi-finals. If Argentina easily dealt with Germany, it was a whole other story for the French who fought with the Chileans until the golden goal...

2014 Women's Worlds: Heading to the Top-4

The teams that will compose the final top-4 of the 2014 Worlds of Rink Hockey are now known: Argentina, Chile, Germany and France are still in the race for the world title...

2014 Worlds of Women's Rink Hockey: The 1/8 Finals

After the group rounds, it's now time for the 1/8 finals of the 2014 World Championships of Senior Women's Rink Hockey. The favorites did their job, both Argentina and France...

2014 Women's Worlds of Rink Hockey: Second Day

Second day of qualification rounds of the 2014 World Championships of Women's Rink Hockey. “A final ahead of time” were the words on everybody's lips to describe the game between Argentina and Spain, the most awaited game of those first days...

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Complete results

Sunday 26th October – Day 1 – Qualification series

England 51South Africa
Portugal 240India
Spain 100Japan
Opening Ceremony
France 180USA
Germany 43Italy
Colombia 13Chile

Monday 27th October – Day 2 – Qualification series

India 111Germany
Colombia 70South Africa
USA 29Switzerland
10ºEngland 012Chile
11ºItaly 31Portugal
12ºArgentina 71Spain

Tuesday 28 th October – Day 3 – Qualification series

13°Italy 230India
14°South Africa 0 7Chile
15°Japan 09Argentina
16°England 01Colombia
17°Switzerland 03France
18°Germany 31Portugal

Wednesday 29th October – Day 5 – 1/8 final

19°Argentina 80South Africa
20°Italy 140USA
21°England 04Switzerland
 Night session
22°Colombia 32Japan
23°India 015France
24°Portugal 31Spain

Thursday 30th October – Day 6 – 1/4 final

25°India 43Japan
26°South Africa 15USA

 Night session

27°Argentina 40Italy
28°Switzerland 04Germany
29°France 40Colombia
30°Portugal 34Chile

Friday 31th October – Day 7 – 1/2 final

31°Spain 140India
32°England 91USA
33°Italy 41Switzerland
34°Colombia 27Portugal
35°France 32Chili
36°Argentina 30Germany

Saturday 1st November – Day 8 – Final

37°Japan 4 5South Africa
38°India 64USA
39°Spain 60England
40°Switzerland 21Colombia
41°Italy 12Portugal
42°Chili 20Germany
43°France 03Argentina

Final ranking

  1. Argentina
  2. France
  3. Chile
  4. Germany
  5. Portugal
  6. Italy
  7. Switzerland
  8. Colombia
  9. Spain
  10. England
  11. India
  12. USA
  13. South Africa
  14. Japan

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2014 Worlds of rink: the best moments of the match between France and Switzerland

The 2014 World Championships of rink hockey is nearly over for senior ladies. Enjoy the best moments of the match between France and Switzerland in Tourcoing...

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Ladies World Championship of Rink-Hockey in Tourcoing (France)

The 12th Ladies World Championship of Rink-Hockey will be held in Tourcoing (France), from 22nd October through 1st November 2014. More information will be released soon...

More information: website of the event

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