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Fise Xperience in Nantes (France)

Du 20/09/14 10:00 au 21/09/14 19:00

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Roman Abrate - World First, Fakie Double Bio 900° (JumpBox)

Roman Abrate dit the first Fakie Dub 9 and landed on the jumpbox during the FISE Xperience in Nantes (France). Enjoy!

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Fise Xperience in Nantes (France)

Next stop for the SFR Fise Xperience will be in Nantes (West of France) in the Parc de la Beaujoire (Exponantes) the 20th and 21th of september. 2000€ Prize money to win.

Check out the teaser below and the image of the indoor skatepark above. All pro riders will be announced on the FISE facebook page.

It is important to register  before the contest on www.fise.fr and to book your tickets for the contest on :  http://www.digitick.com/festival-sports-extremes-sfr-fise-xperience-nantes-css4-digitick-pg5-rg4404.html

The contest will be in live broadcast on the french TV MCS Extrême and on the web www.fise.tv 

Stay tuned!

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