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2015 Marathon of Pamplona-Puente-la-Reina

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The 2015 Pamplona Skating Marathon in Puente-La-Reina in 12 minutes

The organization of the Pamplona Marathon in Puente-la-Reina sent us a nice summary video of the 2015 edition. Over 400 skaters from 9 different countries took the start of the hardest skating marathon in the world. The video is in Spanish with English subtitles and mixes drone, on-board and road-side footages - very enjoyable!

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2015 Marathon of Pamplona-Puente-la-Reina

The 2015 Inline Speed Skating International Marathon of Pamplona-Puente-la-Reina will take place on September 2015, 13th. The registrations will be open soon on the Web site of the organization.

More info : Web site of the Event

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