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2017 Roller Games

From 25/08/17 09:00 to 11/09/17 19:00

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Interview with Enrique Rubio, Spanish Slalom and slide Champion

Interview with Enrique Rubio, Spanish Slalom and slide Champion

Interview with Lorenzo Guslandi, Italian Slalom Skater

Lorenzo Guslandi lives for slalom skating. The Italian Slalom Skater fell in love with this practice, encouraged by his parents. He will do his best to get the gold at the upcoming 2017 World Roller Games in China. Interview...

Interview with Miks Zvejnieks, Inline-Alpine Skater (Latvia)

Miks Zvejnieks will take part in the upcoming 2017 World Roller Games in Nanjing (China). The Latvian inline-alpine skater also practices alpine skiing. Interview...

Visiting the World Roller Museum in Nanjing, China

While visiting the facilities of the next Roller Games in Nanjing, we had the opportunity of visiting the FIRS World Roller Museum, which opened for the Speed Skating World Championships in September 2016...

Guided Tour of the 2017 Roller Games Facilities in Nanjing, China (3/3)

This is the last part of our guided tour of the facilities that will host the 2017 World Roller Games. Let's finish the tour with the areas dedicated to Downhill Skating, Inline Alpine, and Artistic Skating...

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2015 FIRS Congress: Barcelona elected to organize the 2017 Roller Games

In order for you to get a glimpse of the atmosphere at a FIRS Congress, let's relive the election of Barcelona as the organizer of the 2017 Roller Games. The congress took place at the CONI, the headquarters of the Italian National Olympic Committee, in Rome. Italian, Spanish, English... There's something for every taste!

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2017 Roller Games

The first Roller Games of the history will be held in 2017. Through this event, FIRS (International Federation of Roller Sports) wishes to bring together the World Championships of all disciplines.

We do not know where the event will take place yet between Barcelona (Spain) and Lima (Peru), nor when. Additional information will be posted later.


  • Artistic
  • Inline Alpine
  • Inline Downhill
  • Inline Hockey
  • Rink Hockey / Roller Hockey
  • Roller Derby
  • Freestyle
  • Skateboard (rampe)
  • Speed (+ Open marathon)

Official calendar (Last update: May 2017, 12th)

Calendrier Roller Games 2017
Download the official calendar in pdf

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