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2015 IIDA World Cup and World Championship in Cisterna d'Asti (Italy)

From 20/06/14 09:00 to 21/06/14 19:00

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Final of the 2015 Inline Cross in Cisterna d'Asti, Italy

The World Cup of downhill skating made a stopover in chistera d'Asti, Italy. The 4 qualified skaters for the final of the inline cross competition were Daniel Ladurner (Australia), Angelo Vecchi (Italy), Sebastien Rastegar (France - Lyon Roller) and Christian Montavon (Switzerland).

The race was full of twists and turns. Daniel Ladurner, the 2015 world champion, dangerously flirted twice with the straw bales while exiting the last two bends in weaving in the 'pack'. Christian Montavon finally won the title with a hawk finish on the line, in front of Daniel Ladurner and Angelo Vecchi.

Inline Downhill Cross Final - Cisterna d'Asti 2015 from IIDA Official on Vimeo.

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2015 IIDA World Cup and World Championship in Cisterna d'Asti (Italy)

The second stage of the 2015 IIDA World Cup will be held in Cisterna d'Asti (Italy) on June 20 and 21. . More information will be released later.

More information: IIDA Web site

Inline Downhill Cross Final - IIDA World Cup - Cisterna d'Asti, Italy 2014 from IIDA Official on Vimeo.

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