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Final of the 2016 European League of Roller Hockey in Rethel (France)

From 03/03/16 09:00 to 06/03/16 18:00

Final of the 2016 European League of Roller Hockey in Rethel (France)

The French city of Rethel will host the 2016 European League of Roller Hockey, from 3rd to 6th march 2016. The European League is a mix of 2 older competitions: conf-cup and champ-cup.

The European League is a 12 teams tournament that is open to national champions, national cup winner and best qualified club’s teams in each European country affiliated to FIRS / CERS.

Rethel can propose two 40x20 stilmat rinks. They will also provide catering on site on another gymnasium. The 3 arenas are 50 meters away from each other, which will be ideal for this new format for a European official clubs competition. 

First phase is a round phase with 12 teams

Per group, there can be 2 champions and 2 cup winner or best qualified in its country.

The CERILH  mixes  the nationalities in order to guarantee that there are not 2 teams from the same country in the same Group All teams will play each other team one game in the group. This will represent 3 games per team in this phase.


After 1st phase (18 games), we create 4 groups of 3 teams for 2 competitions semi­‐finals:

  • European League semi-finals
  • Cup of the president semi-finals

Here again, all teams will play 1 game against other teams. This represents two more games per team.


Then, the competition finishes with finals and Classification games.

  • 1st of FA plays the European League Final againt 1St of FB for gold
  • 2nd of FA plays the games for bronze against 2nd of FB
  • 3rd of FA plays 5th place againt 3rd of FB
  • 1st of LA plays the Conf. Cup final against 1st of LB
  • etc.


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