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2016 IIDA Inline Downhill World Cup and Bobtrack Cup in Sotchi (Russia)

From 17/09/16 09:00 to 18/09/16 18:00

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Comeback to the Inline Downhill World Cup 2016 in Sotchi (Russia)

The best Inline Downhill skaters of the world came to Russia to participate in a double competition: The Inline Downhill World Cup of IIDA and an event of Beton On Fire 2016 on the Bobsleigh track.

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Beton on Fire Sotchi 2016: best qualification run of Ilya Sukhenko (Russia)

Ilya Sukhenko (Russia) get the best qualification time on Saturday 22th August 2016 in the Beton On Fire in Sotchi : watch his crazy run shooted by the cameras all allong the olympic track.

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2016 IIDA Inline Downhill World Cup and Bobtrack Cup in Sotchi (Russia)

The Bobsleigh track of the Olympic Winter Games in Sochi will find a new use on 17 and 18 September 2016 on the occasion of the 2016 IIDA Inline Downhill World Cup and the Cup Bobtrack. You can take a look at the images below to see the recognition of track. The event counts for the Seba Beton On Fire ranking, the bobsleigh track downhill competition initiated by Seba now 8 years ago.

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