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44th BMW Berlin Marathon (Germany)

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The Rollerblade® rockstars enjoying the 2017 Berlin Skating Marathon

This year, 3 skaters from Rollerblade team took part in the 2017 Berlin Skating Marathon. The "Rockstar team" was formed by: Marco Gerris (artistic leader of dance collective ISH), Jeremy Suarez (street athlete / aggressive skater), Danny Aldridge (urban athlete). These 3 cool guys have been on skates since the early 90’s, Jeremy skated the Berlin Marathon last year and beat his time with 3 minutes. Marco and Danny did their first marathon and were very impressed and overwhelmed.

Finishing a marathon gives a feeling of euphoria, although it all starts with a big smile it is hard work, but is pays off as you reach your goal. Danny managed to freeskate Berlin in the same weekend, he would have be accompanied by Jeremy, but unfortunately his bag with skates got stuck at the airport. Luckily Jeremy managed to skate the marathon.

Check out the video with Marco, Jeremy and Danny where they share their great experience of riding the marathon, travelling to another city, skating though Berlin, having a good laugh at the after party and most of all having fun the whole weekend.

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44th BMW Berlin Marathon (Germany)

The 44th BMW Berlin Marathon will be held on September 2014, 23. The skating race will take place on Saturday and the running race on Sunday...

More info: Web site of the event

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