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6 Hours Skate Race, Denmark

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6 Hours Skate Race, Denmark

The FDM Sjællandsringens Road Circuit will be, for the first time, the stage of a 6-hour skating race on August 12th, 2017.

The circuit is flat, and lit at night, and should offer all the conditions to the skaters to fully express themselves.

More information on the Facebook Page of the Event

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Bénévole sur REL et Spotland depuis plusieurs année je pratique le roller depuis 2008 au Skate Club Lorrain d'Hettange-Grande. Ces dernières je me suis orienté vers la pratique de la longue distance et des courses en solo. Je gère Spotland et effectue quelques articles et news sur REL, un juste retour de ce que m'a apporté ce site.

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Chloé Seyrès aka Kozmic Bruise #8612. Hardcore skater since forever. Former inline freestyle slalom champion, has switched to the quad side with derby and dance and more. Also international judge in freestyle and certified agility coach. PS: Translator and linguistics consultant in parallel life.
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