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2017 NYC Skate Marathon & New York 100K (USA)

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2017 NYC Skate Marathon & New York 100K (USA)

The 2017 NYC Skate Marathon & New York 100K inline and quad skate race will be held on September 2017, 30th. This competition is open to everyone, from 6 to 80 years old. Skate on your own, or with your team. This event is the most fun you'll have on skates all year!

New in 2017: a 4-Hour Inline Relay Race & Derby Challenge!

The organization invites you to the first ever NYC 4-hour Relay Race. This new event is part of the New York City Skate Marathon & NY 100K. Instead of racing a set distance, race against time with your teammates. A timing chip will be attached to the baton and will count the laps. The relay is 4 hours long and the team with most laps wins. Visit our page for rules and information.

To sign up go to: https://register.chronotrack.com/r/32386 


101 ocean ave, brooklyn, NY. 11225, USA 

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