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European slalom battle championship WSSA

From 20/03/09 09:00 to 21/03/09 19:00

The 1st European slalom battle championship WSSA 2009 will take place in Moscou (Russia) from 20th to 21th march 2009, in the "adrenalin" skatepark. Riders will compete in Freestyle Battle et Speed Slalom. The best european riders should be part of this high level battle.
This competition count as a major event (3 cones) in the WSSA ranling. It is the biggest event of the season in Europe for the World Slalom Series 2009. More than 30 WSSA events should be organized all around the world in 2009. The competition is organized by Rollerclub with the help of the russian Inline-Skating Federation. Sponsors are: Gyro, Twincam, Seba, Powerslide, Trial-Sport and Adrenalin-Skatepark. Lots of medias should cover the event. The riders could train during the previous week-end by participating to the Saint-Petersburg battle. It will be a basic event (1 cone) in WSSA Ranking. 2 competitions in one trip in 2 of the most beautiful cities of Russia! More info and registrations : here The website of the Saint-Petersburg battle should be online soon! More info concerning World Slalom Series : here Vidéo de l'édition précédente

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