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Battle UK nationals 2009

From 16/10/09 19:00 to 18/10/09 19:00

The Battle UK Nationals will take place on the 17th and 18th of October in Nottingham. Foreign skaters please note that this is the UK Nationals only this year: there is no international competition. The competitions this year are open only to skaters on the UK skating scene. There will, however, be an international competition at BattleUK next year.
Disciplines Freestyle slalom: Style slalom, battle format. Groups of 3-5 skaters perform short runs in turn, with the top two progressing to the next round. There will be separate mens, womens, under-16s and rookie categories (subject to sufficient numbers of competitors). Again, please note that these competitions are only open to skaters from the UK skate scene. Speed slalom: Fastest through the line of 20 cones (80cm spacing) wins. Note that the speed slalom is taking place outdoors. Freejump: The skater who clears the highest bar will win, with three attempts allowed per height. Ground level jump bar: no kicker ramp. Slides: Points awarded for trick difficulty, number of switches and distance covered whilst sliding. "5hit!" Hockey: Teams of five compete is a street hockey tournament. BladeSoc rules. Please bring your own hockey stick (some will be available, but they are not in the best condition) and whatever protective gear you feel comfortable wearing. More infos: http://www.nottinghamskaters.co.uk/BattleUK

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