On 27 May 2010 at 22:26 | Last update 15 February 2012 at 16:46

Paris Slalom World Cup 2010

From 28/05/10 09:00 to 30/05/10 19:00

Paris Slalom World Cup is back. Like every year, PSWC 2010 will be held on 28-29-30 May 2010 at Trocadero, Paris. This year, Paris is the European major event of the World Slalom Series, and will be the 2010 WSSA Europe Championships for BATTLE and SPEED slalom categories.

The PSWC 2010 is open to all competitors, including non-europeans. The first European in the ranking will be awarded with the continental title.

Temporary schedule

(Can be subject to changes) Friday / Vendredi / 28 May 14h00 Training 15h00 Classic Freestyle Slalom Men & Women 18h00 Slide Contest Saturday / Samedi / 29 May 09h00 Check-In 09h00 Speed Slalom Training 10h00 Speed Slalom Qualifications Men & Women 11h00 Speed Slalom Women Finals 11h40 Speed Slalom Men Finals 13h30 Speed Slalom Prize Giving 14h00 Freestyle Battle Training 14h30 Freestyle Battle Women & Men Qualifications Sunday / Dimanche / 30 May 10h00 Training 11h00 Freestyle Battle Women quarter finals 11h45 Freestyle Battle Women Finals 14h00 Freestyle Battle Men Round of 8 15h30 Freestyle Battle Men Quarter finals 16h30 Freestyle Battle Men Semi Finals and Finals

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