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The history of inline skating is much older than you think! Did you know that the first pair of roller skates known were invented in 1760? Online-skating.com reveals the historical developments and improvements of roller skates, inline skates... Discover all the inventors who made modern rollerblading ...

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Micajah C. Henley (USA) - an adjustable tensor with a screw

Micajah C. Henley (USA) - an adjustable tensor with a screw

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Levant Marvin Richardson (USA)

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Brands that made history of inline skating: Roces

Roces was born in Montebelluna, not far from Venice (Italy): from ski boots, over ice skates to inline skates. Review of a 65 year long history...

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Fitness skating

These brands that made the history of inline skating: Hypno

The Hypno brand pioneered in the late 90s and early 2000s with their stiff shoes and removable frames. A flashback...

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Visiting the World Roller Museum in Nanjing, China

While visiting the facilities of the next Roller Games in Nanjing, we had the opportunity of visiting the FIRS World Roller Museum, which opened for the Speed Skating World Championships in September 2016...

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Those skate brands that made our history

We all know those historic great brands of inline skates such as Rollerblade or Roces... But who of you has heard about Speed, Midonn, Jack, Olympic or Gloria, Chicago or Hustler? Traveling through the history of the industry of skating...

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Skating museums around the world

There are a few places worth visiting if you are a skating history lover. Museums dedicated to skating are not even a handful in the world...

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What is Roll Ball?

Maybe do you already know roller soccer and roller basketball, here is Roll Ball! A sport mixing skating and handball with a basket ball. The practice saw the light in India around 2002-2003. Discovery...

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History of the Skating Marathon of Berlin

With the upcoming 2015 edition of the Skating Marathon of Berlin, we wanted to trace history fragments of the biggest skate race in the world, since its opening to skating in 1997 until today...

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The History of Skating from 1760 till Today

OLS publishes an overview of the history of skating, from the creation of the first inline skates to traditional skates through ‘cycle-skates’. Let’s pay tribute to one of the few skate historians, Sam Nieswizski, the author of 'Rollermania' (1991), that remains the key reference in the history of skating through the ages…

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The History of American Roller Hockey

Rivalry between Rink Hockey (on quad skates with a curved stick and a ball) and Inline Hockey (on inline skates with a ice-type stick and a puck) is a thing. The histories of the two disciplines have been intimately related since the beginnings...

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The FIRS, the International Federation of Roller Sports: From its origins to our time

The bodies ruling roller sports at national or international levels often seem far and their task unclear to us. Let's take a look into the history and the role of the FIRS to know more about it...

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Inline Alpine

What is Inline Alpine Skating?

The practice of inline alpine skating is meeting with increasing success in Europe and obtained its recognition by the FIRS in 2011. But what is this sport about?

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Interview with Alexander Bont

Bont was founded in 1975. The Australian brand celebrates its 40th anniversary. We met Alexander Bont to learn more about the past ant the future of Bont...

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Freeride skating

SkateCross Explained

BoarderCross, BladerCross, InlineCross, SkateCross, obstacle races on skates changed names over the years. The practice structured little by little and has now become a recognized discipline with world series. History...

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Skating and the World Games, a long story!

The four high level disciplines of skating have been on the program of the World Games since their creation. Rink hockey has been replaced by roller hockey, but artistic and speed skating have been there from the very start...

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Dual density skate wheels: Where does the technology comes from and what is the use of it?

There are more and more dual density wheels on the market, for speed skating, long distance, freeskate, roller derby, hockey and even aggressive skating. What is the use of this technology? Answers...

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2014 Updated speed-skating World and European records

The Federation International of Roller Sports (FIRS) and CEC released an updated table of the speed-skating World and European records. A lot of records were broken during the last World Championships in Oostende (Belgium) and in Geisingen (Germany)...

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Motor-Skates throughout History

Inventors never run out of ideas and skating has made its way through time decked out with more or less useful or strange means of motorization. OLS offers you a travel in time with that article by Sam Nieswizski, our skating historian…

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Inline skate wheels: Will the diameter race ever stop?

The following article is constantly evolving. The market of speed skating wheels is one of the rare markets to be in perpetual motion. In less than 20 years, the wheel diameter has grown from 76 mm to 110 mm and it seems that the race is not over...

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A short story of the World Inline Cup

Originally there was the Swiss cup of marathons, called the Swiss Inline Cup. In 2002 from that basis was born the World Inline Cup, the world cup of marathons. If at first the circuit gathered mainly European competitions, it reached an international dimension over the last years. Story...

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The Trocadéro: An historical spot of the Parisian skating scene

The places and their protagonists have not always been the way we know them today. In 70 years, the Trocadéro has witnessed generations of skaters: dancers, jumpers, quad skaters, inline skaters, young and old. Travel through the history of the most famous skating spot of Paris...

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Fitness skating

Outdoors skating from the 80's 'til today (2/2)

After our first part dedicated to the genesis of outdoors and long distance skating, let's turn the spotlight onto more recent history, onto a renewal period for outdoors skating, from 1980 'til today. Here we go for a little time warp...

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History of Mogema/Cadomotus with Diederik Hol

Most of inline speed-skaters and downhill skaters have heard about Mogema and Cadomotus, the famous frames' brands. We met Diederik Hol, founder of Cadomotus and former designer of Mogema ...

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Towed practices of skating

Have you ever thought about using another mean that your own strength to propel yourself while skating? Most of skaters did. With a kite, a dog, a horse, a bicycle or anything else, there are plenty of fun solutions...

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Overview of speed-skating and of speed circuits around the world

The overview of speed skating circuits around the world is quite contrasted: the discipline stays behind the door of the sports which entered the Olympics, the historic sponsors cut their investments into the professional teams. Stock taking...

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Powerslide: a brand, a success story

From the small business created when he was a student at the age of 18 years to one of the most famous brands in the World of skating. What a course for Matthias Knoll and his partner with Powerslide! Back on a German success story ...

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Roller Soccer : Presentation

As suggested in the name, Roller Soccer is a sport consisting in playing soccer on skates. It gathers soccer lovers as well as sliding sports lovers, especially skaters...

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Fitness skating

Genesis of outdoors rollerskating

Many people think that long distance and tour skating only developped with the boom of inline skating in the middle of the 90's. They forget to take into account our predecessors, strapped onto wooden or metal wheels. A bit of history...

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Recent technological innovations for skate wheels

Our wheels have been turning for nearly 250 years. Wood, ivory, metal, tire, rubber or urethane... Wheels have been made of all kinds of materials. Technological innovations gave a fresh boost to skating in the 90's. The use of plastic materials in 1979 was a small revolution. Overview of the innovations that marked the history of our dear skate wheels...

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Oldies : in the heart of the Hawaii Surf Shop

A trip in Paris (France) bring us to the shop Hawaii Surf. Eric Gros, the owner, allowed us to visit his miracle cave. In the abyss of the cellar, behind the most recent models, hide some unknown and rare pieces, skates which crossed through the ages, absurd inventions, outmoded design. Travel through the time...

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Is roller-skating a childish pastime?

Years passing, we could have believed that the reputation of the roller would have evolved a lot. Nevertheless, in mind of numerous persons, this practice evokes more a leisure than a real sport. Some consider it as a totally childish pastime. Others are even surprised when they learn the existence of speed-skating race. Roller-skating : childish pastime or real sport?

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