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There are hundreds of different pairs of roller-skates available on the market. To choose roller-skates or inline skates required to consider several parameters such as your practice, your skill level in skating. If you want to practice recreational skating or inline speed-skating or even street skating or slalom, skate models are very different. Here are some articles to help you in your choice ...

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Choosing your aggressive skates (1/2)

Choosing a pair of aggressive skates is not as easy as it seems. According to whether you are into street, park or ramp skating, the characteristics of the model you need may vary. Here are a few tips to find a suitable match...

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How to Choose Your Skates?

Esthetics set aside — being a very personal criterion —, choosing a pair of skates, inlines or quads, lies on many objective criteria, varying according to several parameters: type of practice, intensity of use, level of skating, budget. Online-Skating.com browses the key points that should help you make your choice...

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Customizing: Stop hesitating between aggressive and freeskating!

Dilemma: You cannot choose between aggressive and freeskating and your budget does not allow you to buy two pairs of skate… What should you do? Why not combining your own custom skate with a USF basis? Tips…

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Well Choosing Your Aggressive Skate Frames (street, ramp, park…)

Today and thanks to the Universal Frame System (UFS), you can see more and more types of frames coming on the Aggressive Skating market. It was high time OLS took stock of the situation and saw which kind of frame is the most suitable to your needs according to your practice...

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Rollerskates: where and how to dig up good deals

In these times of crisis, it takes a great deal of resourcefulness to dig up new or second-hand equipment and spare pieces. This article goes to all the broke skaters who wish to invest the less as possible…

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Comparative: choosing your street frames

It is now common knowledge that the UFS is a standard in the world of aggressive skating. You can change your frame at will. But how to choose these frames? How to choose between flat and freestyle? Is Kizer better than Ground Control? Here are some tips to help you in your choice ...

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Choosing your aggressive skates for street, skate park and half-pipe

More and more frequently, we are asked advice to choose skates for street, ramp and skate park on the forum. Consequently, we have decided to take some time to describe various ranges of skates available in shops. Depending on price, quality or practice, here are some tips to choose your skates...

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Buying second-hand skates

You’re starting roller-skating and you want to get a new pair of skates? Yes, but making ends meet at the end of the month is sometimes complicated. Fortunately, there’s still the possibility of buying second-hand equipment, and here are a couple of tips to make pondered choices and avoid problems...

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Which material for your skate frames: Magnesium or aluminum?

The marketing war between brands is often so fierce that you don't even know which type of product to choose in the end. Hopefully there are a few objective criteria to guide you. What will you have: Magnesium or aluminum?

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Which skate frame for which use?

Each skating discipline requires special frame features. You'll need handiness and reactivity in slalom, rigidity and efficiency in speed, comfort in long distance, solidity and sliding in street, etc. Online-Skating.com prepares the ground to make your choice easier...

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