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There are hundreds of different pairs of roller-skates available on the market. To choose roller-skates or inline skates required to consider several parameters such as your practice, your skill level in skating. If you want to practice recreational skating or inline speed-skating or even street skating or slalom, skate models are very different. Here are some articles to help you in your choice ...

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Inline speed skating wheels: what are the differences between mono and dual-density wheels?

We met Yann Guyader who is the product manager in Rollerblade and he explained us the difference between insert-wheels and interlock-wheels...

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Choosing your speed skates

For several months, we have explained in details how to choose your speed frames or boots thanks to articles by Christophe Audoire or Yann Guyader. OLS suggests you a couple of leads to make the good choice as for speed skates…

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How to Choose Your Skates?

Esthetics set aside — being a very personal criterion —, choosing a pair of skates, inlines or quads, lies on many objective criteria, varying according to several parameters: type of practice, intensity of use, level of skating, budget. Online-Skating.com browses the key points that should help you make your choice...

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Comparison of 3x125 mm Speed Skating Frames

Powerslide, Flyke, Cadomotus, Bont, Rollerblade, EOSkates... There are more and more 3x125 mm frame models on the market, and we thought it was time to browse the various forces involved, and compare the existing speed skating frame models...

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Why 3 Wheel skates do have such a golden future

Everyone could notice a multiplication of three wheel skates on the market. Every big brand has now produced new skates in all different kinds of skating, like Slalom, fitness, speed-skating and even inline hockey. But what is the real secret behind that configuration? Analyse...

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Is 2015 the comeback year of 165 mm mounting?

2003 was a turning point in the design of skate boots with the arrival of 195 mm interaxial distance, enabling to enter 4 wheels of 100 mm. What if the spreading of 3-wheel skates stimulated the comeback of 165 mm mounting?

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Testing the 3x125 mm set-up

5x80, 5x84, 4x100 and now 3x125 mm? Even if the FIRS hasn't yet authorized the diameter, brands like Powerslide actively campaign for it. It would undeniably reinvigorate the market, but what about performances? Here are the first impressions of OLS…

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Technical description of the MPC Turbo speed skating wheels

After a lackluster year and a half with lots of breakage problems, MPC is back in the news with reworked speed skating wheels. Explanation of the changes that have been brought to the existing models by Yann Guyader…

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How to choose skates when you are a speed-skating beginner?

It is often the logical follow-up: after having had a go at fitness skating, lots of skaters turn towards speed skating, attracted by the feelings of speed and gliding... but the choice of the skates is often tricky and it is not that easy to go from high-cut to low-cut skates. Tips...

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Rollerskates: where and how to dig up good deals

In these times of crisis, it takes a great deal of resourcefulness to dig up new or second-hand equipment and spare pieces. This article goes to all the broke skaters who wish to invest the less as possible…

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Buying second-hand skates

You’re starting roller-skating and you want to get a new pair of skates? Yes, but making ends meet at the end of the month is sometimes complicated. Fortunately, there’s still the possibility of buying second-hand equipment, and here are a couple of tips to make pondered choices and avoid problems...

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Physics of the inline skate wheel

Inline skate wheels are characteristic of our sport. If you consider speed skating as a rolling sport, wheels are the medium, the tool the skater has to master in order to gain speed. This article mainly focuses on speed skating wheels.

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Which material for your skate frames: Magnesium or aluminum?

The marketing war between brands is often so fierce that you don't even know which type of product to choose in the end. Hopefully there are a few objective criteria to guide you. What will you have: Magnesium or aluminum?

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Which skate frame for which use?

Each skating discipline requires special frame features. You'll need handiness and reactivity in slalom, rigidity and efficiency in speed, comfort in long distance, solidity and sliding in street, etc. Online-Skating.com prepares the ground to make your choice easier...

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Test : 110 mm Roll'X Maraton'X Wheels

There are not that many wheel manufacturers whose business don't go too big and whom you can still meet in the flesh! If you go to races on a regular basis, you've certainly come across our national speed-skate wheel manufacturer: Roll'X. We got our hands on the 110mm Marathon'X, let's test them...

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2-point or 3-point Frames? Pros and Cons

Two conceptions of frames/boots are confronting each other on the market, the 2-point and the 3-point frames. Bont, the Australian brand, imposed its touch in patenting the 3-point Frames several years ago. But what are the main differences between the 2-points and the 3-points? Balancing test...

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How to choose your speed frames (Yann Guyader)

OLS publishes the first article of a series written by Yann Guyader: with the multiplication and the evolution of the wheel diameters the last couple of years, it has become really hard to choose a frame adapted to your needs. Here are some useful tips from Yann…

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Well choosing your speed skating frames

This third article dedicated to equipment on frames is the logical follow-up of the previous article on boots. For almost 20 years now, inline skates have been used for speed skating and frames have considerably evolved, but their basic function remains the same: making the link between the boot and the wheels…

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Choosing and setting up speed skate boots

In our first article we had talked about that "artificial joint" that should give us a great precision in our moves, thanks to the appropriate support of the foot in the shoe. In that second article, Christophe Audoire suggests a few tips in order to choose and adapt your shoes...

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