The world of skating is living through its champions on wheels, its skating volunteers, thanks to a multitude of public and private actors who invest every day in their passion. These interviews of prominent persons should help you better understand the richness of our practice ...

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Aggressive skating

Takeshi Yasutoko - Japanese ramp rider

Interview with Takeshi Yasutoko, one of the most famous Japanese ramp rider in the history of skating.

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Review of the first edition of the Paris Rollers Marathon with the organizer Tony Mogis

The REL team met Tony Mogis, the organizer of the Paris Rollers Marathon 2017 and creator of the 24-hour Le Mans race, to capture his first impressions of this first edition.

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Interview with Scott Meyer, jammer of Saint-Louis Gatekeepers

Interview de Scott Meyer (Saint-Louis Gatekeepers), one of the best jammers in the 2017 MRDA Champs which was held in Cardiff (GBR) from October 2017, 13th to 15th.

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Inline Alpine

The self-portrait of Massimiliano Losio (Italy)

Self-portrait of Massimiliano Losio (Italy), professional inline alpine skater, coming back from the 2017 World Roller Games...

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Inline Alpine

Cristian Losio : Inline Alpine Italian Champion

Cristian Losio (Italy) is a professional Inline Alpine skater. The Italian Champion will take part in the upcoming 2017 World Roller Games in China...

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Inline Alpine

Interview with Noah Sing, Inline-Alpine Skater (Germany)

Like his sister Mona, Noah Sing (Germany) was born on skis and discovered Inline-Alpine Skating during summer training sessions...

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Inline Alpine

Interview with Mona Sing, inline alpine slalom skater (Germany)

"Life is my favorite sport". This sentence could summarize the involvment of Mona Sing in her practices. Interview with the German inline alpine slalom skater...

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Slalom skating

Interview with Enrique Rubio, Spanish Slalom and slide Champion

Interview with Enrique Rubio, Spanish Slalom and slide Champion

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Slalom skating

Interview with Lorenzo Guslandi, Italian Slalom Skater

Lorenzo Guslandi lives for slalom skating. The Italian Slalom Skater fell in love with this practice, encouraged by his parents. He will do his best to get the gold at the upcoming 2017 World Roller Games in China. Interview...

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Inline Alpine

Interview with Miks Zvejnieks, Inline-Alpine Skater (Latvia)

Miks Zvejnieks will take part in the upcoming 2017 World Roller Games in Nanjing (China). The Latvian inline-alpine skater also practices alpine skiing. Interview...

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Interview: Erika Zanetti (Italy) ends her sports career

Erika Zanetti has shined in the world of international speed skating for many years. The Italian sprinter sponsored by Powerslide has decided to hang up her skates. Interview…

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Long distance skating

Interview With Yincai Luo, Solo Skater Around the World

Yincai Luo is 29. The skater from Chengdu, China, has covered over 12.000 km around the world. He linked China to Tibet in 2011, then China to Nepal in 2014. With a backpack weighing more than 20 kg, Yincai then crossed Europe, and the USA skating along Road 66. Interview...

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Interview with Laethisia Shimek (Germany) - member of Powerslide Matter World Team

Laethisia Shimek (Team Powerslide Matter) got a bronze medal during the 2016 World Inline Speed Skating Championships in Nanjing (China). Her next goals: the 2016 World Games in Poland and the Roller Games in China. Portrait...

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Freeride skating

Interview with Mathilde Monneron an excellent and multifaced skater

Mathilde Monneron is part of a little group of skaters that doesn't only compete in one discipline. Every discipline allows her to develop her technical skills and learn more about skating. The interview...

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Inline downhill

A meeting with Sébastien Rastegar, downhill racer and also qualified for 2017 Redbull Crashed Ice

Sébastien Rastegar is a French inline downhill skater and he is qualified for the first stage of the Redbull Crashed Ice in Marseille (France)...

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Interview with Sandrine Tas (Belgium)

Sandrine Tas (Powerslide Matter World Team) got most of the medals of Belgium during the last European Roller Speed Skating Championships in Heerde (Netherlands). We wanted to know a little bit more about her. Interview...

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Interview with the international referee Boris Tarassioux

They are often the pet hates of the spectators and of the (bad) players, they are booed and play a role as ungrateful as essential: the men in black and white! Let's meet Boris Tarassioux, an international referee of Rink Hockey...

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Interview with Fernando Regueiro, Roller Derby Committee Chairman

Fernando Regueiro has been involved in Roller Derby for almost ten years. He was appointed to become Roller Derby Committee Chairman. Interview...

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Artistic skating

Joint Interview with Artistic Pair Marine Portet and Nathanaël Fouloy

Marine Portet and Nathanaël Fouloy perform at the highest national and international levels in Pair Artistic Skating. After parallel sports careers, they joined forces to offer France some of its greatest medals...

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Aggressive skating

Meeting Julien Cudot

Julien Cudot is one of the best current French riders in street skating. Since his beginnings, he's known how to stand out with his technical skills. Talent does not depend upon age...

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Portrait of Speed Skater Francesca Lollobrigida

Italian Francesca Lollobrigida leads a double career, both on wheels and ice. She's part of the most decorated skaters in Europe. In 2016, she enters the Cadomotus team. Portrait...

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Edu Fernandez: From the Vendéenne (France) to Villafranca (Spain)

To celebrate the birthday of rink hockey player Edu Fernandez, here is a flash-portrait which never had the chance of being published on a website that doesn't exist anymore...

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Meeting Massimo Mariotti, Coach of Team Italy, the European champion of rink hockey

Massimo Mariotti is of Tuscan origin. He is probably one of the most important figures of rink hockey in Italy and in the world. With Team Italy and within the club circuit, he won all the trophies he could...

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Ruben Martins's life in France

Portuguese website Plurisports.com interviewed Ruben Martins, rink hockey player of Noisy-le-Grand who plays in the National 1 Elite French Championship. Interview...

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Meeting Gérard Teixidó, Rink Hockey Player of the Week in Italy

Gérard Teixidó (Spain) played for two seasons with the SCRA Saint-Omer. At the beginning of the year, he transferred to the rink hockey team of Breganze (Italy). He's just been elected best player of the week in the Italian championship...

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The challenge of Rocío Ailen Ramon in Spain (after Noisy-le-Grand)

Rocío Ailen Ramon will play in OK Liga in 2015-2016. The attacker formed in Palmira, Argentina has joined CP Alcorcón...

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Meeting with the Referees at the 2015 Worlds of Rink Hockey

While the Worlds of Rink Hockey are in full swing at La Roche-Sur-Yon, France, the referees of the event share their discomfort while carrying out their passion-duties...

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Meeting Clémence Halbout (France)

A few weeks before the 2015 European Championships of Speed Skating in Wörgl, Austria, we have interviewed Clémence Halbout, skater for Team France in the senior women's category...

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Interview with Walid Nouh, Flaneurz

Flaneurz is a company that we created with four people. The goal was to take a pair of shoes and to modify it in order to diversify its first function. The first product we offer and that we'll talk about later on is called "On Wheelz".

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Portrait of Brittany Bowe (USA)

Brittany Bowe is a skating champion, both on wheels and on ice. In 2015, the American, member of the USA Olympic team decided to go back to her first love and put her inline skates back on...

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Aggressive skating

Portrait of Roman Abrate, one of the best current French skaters

Roman Abrate is an aggressive skater who kept on increasing in level throughout the years. He knew how to impose his style and his tricks to become a national reference. He's been a pro skater for 7 years. Portrait...

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Meeting with Spanish Speed Skater Ioseba Fernandez

Isobar Fernandez is one of the most famous sprinters in speed skating. The Spanish world champion is directly concerned with the new race formats initiated by the FIRS. We have collected his thoughts...

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Meeting Venezuelan Speed Skater Alexander Bastidas

Alexander Bastidas is a speed skater from Venezuela. The 2003 world champion has decided to get away from his federation and take part in several European races for the second semester of 2015...

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Artistic skating

Meeting SkateXpress

It's been two weeks since SkateXpress have released their roller dance short film 'Time Travelers' on the Internet. We have interviewed the crew...

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Long distance skating

Meeting Michael Seitz, the organizer of the 2015 Ultra Skate Challenge

The organization of a 1.800 km raid isn't to be taken lightly, especially when you drag along with you a whole pack of skaters coming from different countries. We met Michael Seitz, the organizer of the 2015 Ultra Skate Challenge...

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Aggressive skating

Interview with Manon Derrien — Women's aggressive skating

There are not many girls performing in the world of aggressive skating. And yet, some girls have given it a go and reached the highest level of the discipline. Interview with Derrien, French aggressive skater from Bordeaux...

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Slalom skating

Interview with Alexandre Claris

World #5 in freestyle slalom at the 2014 WSSA World Ranking, 4th in speed slalom, 5th in slide... There's no doubt about it, Alexandre Claris is quite a skilful skater! We've interviewed him on the docks of Bordeaux, France to know a bit more about him...

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Aggressive skating

Jenna Downing Pro Model

On the occasion of the release of the Razors skate Jenna Downing SL, we had the pleasure to interview the pro skater who explains us this beautiful initiative. Let's have a look to this skate which comes just at the right moment...

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Visit at powerslide's headquarters with Matthias Knoll

Matthias Knoll is one of the two founders of Powerslide. At the end of 2012, the German brand moved in a new and larger building. European shops were invited to discover these facilities. We were among the guests ...

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Interview with Ofer Elkin, the Israeli rink hockey manager

Ofer Elkin, a former player of the Israeli selection and the manager of the Israeli rink hockey section, took the time to answer to a few questions for Online-Skating.com, about his national team which takes part in the U17 European Championship...

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Interview with Manon Kamminga (Netherlands)

Manon Kamminga is a rising star of the Dutch inline speed-skating team. She is also skating on ice, combining two seasons every year. She will participate in the upcoming World Championships in Oostende (Belgium). Interview...

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Sam Nieswizski, skating historian

Sam is a skate lover. At 86, his energy is still there. And when he starts talking about skating, his eyes light up instantly. The man is passionate, fascinating, voluble, a living encyclopedia of the history of skating. Interview...

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Nathalie Barbotin hangs up her skates after 30 years on the tracks

Well, it's over ... On Sunday, September 16, 2012, Nathalie Barbotin finally hung up her skates after an unmatched career of thirty years, including twenty in Senior category ...

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Yann Guyader: from Caracas (Venezuela) to Tulua (Colombia)

The "4ta valida nacional" was held in Tulua near Cali (Colombia) this weekend. New coach, Yann Guyader had his fresh new Venezuelan national team of 30 skaters in tow. ReL is also on site ...

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Interview: Falko Quinger, versatile skater

Falko Quinger (Germany) is versatile skater: he started with street-skating, tried slalom skating, downhill skating, speed-skating and skate cross. Interview ...

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Interview: Nicole Begg (New-Zealand)

In Begg's home, inline-skating is a family affair. Nicole Begg is one of the best and certainly the most reknown skater of New-Zealand. After tough years of pain and injuries, Nicole is coming back...

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Inline downhill

Construction of the IIDA, one year after ... interview with Alexandre Lebrun

One year after his election to the head of the IIDA, Alexandre Lebrun reveals the various projects that have been launched in the international body in charge of the inline downhill ...

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Yann Guyader: Homestretch

The 2013 Season has not really started yet, but Yann Gyader has already announced that he would hang up his skates at the end of the year. Back on an exceptional carrier and future perspectives…

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Aggressive skating

Interview with Rich Parker, professional ramp-rider (United-Kingdom)

Rich Parker is a professional ramp rider. He lives in Birmingham (Great-Britain) and earns his life with roller skating. Interview ...

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Interview with Michel Mulder (500m 2012 World Champion)

Many of you heard about Michel Mulder at the 2012 Inline Speed-Skating World Championships in Italy. The Dutch skater won the 500m World title on the road of San-Benedetto. As often in Holland, he also practices ice-skating in Winter. Meeting ...

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Interview with Michael Cheek (Powerslide/Matter USA)

Most of you probably already heard about Michael Cheek (Powerslide/Matter USA). You certainly saw a few pictures of Michael skating in the NSC. Interview with one of the most talented skaters in the USA...

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Meeting Gwendal Lepivert (France)

If Gwendal Lepivert has not got himself much talked about until now, the least to say is that he impressed everybody with his results at the last world championships, standing up to the world leaders. And the French skater seems quite determined to strike harder. Meeting…

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Interview with Scott Arlidge (New-Zealand)

Scott Arlidge announced us that he will stop his international career in two races. Scott started skating in 1986 and never stopped training. Back on the career of one of the best skaters in New-Zealand...

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Interview with Katharina Rumpus, Germany (Powerslide Matter World Team)

Katharina Rumpus (Powerslide Matter World Team) comes back from 2012 Inline Speed Skating World Championships with two titles and a silver medal. A nice result! Interview with the German skater...

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Interview with Buggy Rollin

You certainly have heard of Buggy Rollin, and the name of Rollerman immediately makes you think about the wheel armor that’s so famous in the roller-skating world… But does the name of Jean-Yves Blondeau ring your bell? Let’s meet the inventor of the famous suit.

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Interview with Fabio Francolini (Italy)

In 2012, Fabio Francolini (Italy) has joined the EOSkates brand new team. This specialist of long distances race will compete in the upcoming Inline Speed-Skating Championships in his country...

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Interview with Bart Swings, leader of Powerslide Matter World Team

Bart Swings is a young and talented skater from Belgium. In 2012, he joined Powerslide Matter World Team. You should see him in long distances races at 2012 World Championships in Italy. Back to the future...

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Interview with Felix Rijhnen, Germany (Powerslide Matter World Team)

He is a veteran of Powerslide Matter World Team, he will represent Germany at the next World Championships in Italy in September 2012. Interview with Felix Rijhnen ...

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Buggy Rollin: Conquering Tianmen Mountain (China)

It is 2 o'clock in the morning in China when Buggy Rollin gives us the following interview, after his descent of a mythical road in front of 200 million viewers. Jean-Yves Blondeau tells us about this unique moment in his career…

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Yann Guyader: Review at Mid-season with EOSkates

After his departure from Powerslide, Yann Guyader became the leading light for EOSkates, but his responsibilities within the team are not just about sport…

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Interview with Ioseba Fernandez

Ioseba Fernández just beat the world record of 300 m on the track of UDC Txantrea in Pamplona (Navarra, Spain). He set up a new record of 23,938. If you want to learn more about this talented Spanish skater, read his interview...

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Interview with long track skater Benjamin Macé (France)

Lots of skaters first knew French Benjamin Macé through his ice skating performances. And yet, that young and talented athlete started with roller-skating before discovering the feelings of short track and long track skating. Meeting…

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Slalom skating

Interview with Yohan Fort (Fra)

Yohan Fort has spent the three quarters of his life living for his passion: Skating. He’s experienced it in as many ways as possible, having a go at various specialties all through the years. However, one in particular caught his attention: Speed Slalom ...

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Patrik Sebek, a Czech World Champion in France

Patrik Sebek won a IIHF/FIRS World Champion title of roller-hockey with the Czech Republic in 2011. He took his bag and decided to stop in Rouen (France) to join the local team. The Spiders of Rouen are evolving in the Elite Championship, the highest roller-hockey division in France. During this interview, he tells us more about his motivation and choices ...

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Pier Davide Romani is coming back!

The Italian skater Pier Davide Romani recently announced his return on the circuit of the World Inline Cup (World Cup of Marathons). After three long years of break, the challenge will be difficult for the former member of the Salomon World Team ...

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Inline downhill

Interview with Alexandre Lebrun, the new president of the IIDA

The IIDA (International Inline Downhill Association) is the association governing skating downhill at the international level. After a period of wavering, a new president was elected to restart the machine. Let’s meet French Alexandre Lebrun ...

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Slalom skating

Interview with Klaudia Hartmanis (Poland)

Klaudia Hartmanis was still unknown in the world scene of Freestyle Slalom one year ago, but she made quite an impression during the whole year, thanks to her fresh and energic style which is getting more original and mastered with time, and a good technical list which keeps on growing and getting more complex...

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Interview: Cecilia Baena (EO Skates)

After a few years with Powerslide Matter World Team, Cecilia Baena joined the brand new EOSkates team. The colombian followed her famous husband Yann Guyader. We met her to learn more about her past and future...

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Interview with Roger Schneider : “2014 is my ultimate goal!”

Roger Schneider achieved a very strong season in 2011 with the Swiss Skate Team. He captured a podium in Berlin, the biggest marathon of the world, and the team won many titles in the world Inline Cup, the German Inline Cup and other competitions all over Europe and the world...

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Yann Guyader : Change of Course for 2012

The multiple world champion has just broken his contract with Powerslide to join the ranks of the French formation EO Skates, known in the world of skating for its carbon frames. The French skater reveals the reasons of this new engagement…

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Interview : Ewen Fernandez (Powerslide Matter)

Ewen Fernandez skates in the club of his family, the Herbauges Skaters (France). This year, the French went abroad, in Inzell (Germany) to train on the ice. He trains with another famous skater, Alexis Contin. His purpose? To participate in major races and achieve global minima for the Olympic Games ...

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New coaches: the « fighting spirit » of Elisabeth Schrenk

The Austrian Elisabeth Schrenk is not necessarily well known in the world of roller speed-skating. This is probably because she has practiced various activities on her rollerskates, but not always in the same discipline. She has also evolved into the world of downhill. Now she manages the skaters of Denmark ...

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New coaches: Tristan converted to German

He is far from being a stranger in the universe of roller speed-skating. But in recent years, he also completed his resume by skating on the ice. Tristan Loy became coach of Germany early in the season ...

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New coaches: Jorge Botero continues his World Dream

He is one of the most iconic skaters of his era. Jorge Botero (Colombia) has seen it all: the glory of the World Championships and the victories over the marathon World Cup. He was a pioneer in the professionalization of the sport, since he belonged to the first pro teams on the circuit ...

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New coaches: Kalon Dobbin adopted by the Swiss

He is very popular in the inlinr speed-skating world, and it is not nothing to say! Kalon Dobbin went pro in the roller-skating at an age when normally one like to enjoy the little comfort from home. Indeed, The New Zealander has left his island before his 20th birthday, his bag on his back ...

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New coaches: Desly Hill leads the way

This is the rising generation of international coaches. They participated to international competitions of all kinds over the past decade. Most of them have just hung up the skates, though ... We interviewed them on the occasion of the European Championships in Heerde and Zwolle (Netherlands). Deslys Hill opens this serie of portraits ...

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Interview with Peter Doucet

Peter Doucet is the very dynamic skater of Toronto Inline Skating Club (TISC) and the webmaster of the famous website Speed Skate World. Despite a very busy schedule, Peter answered our questions about his roller skater career and his life as a webmaster and a lot more…

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Slalom skating

Interview with Kim Sung Jin: Double No.1

The Freestyle Prodigy managed a new feat two weeks ago: that of becoming No.1 at the Speed Slalom World Ranking. Freestyle was not enough, he couldn’t help but seizing the other crown too! Having managed to get the Freestyle title back in September 2010, he now also affords the Speed title, to his greatest surprise!

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Slalom skating

Naomi Grigg's Latest Interview 2011 (ENGLISH)

Keanoush Zargham proposes us his latest interview with skate celebrity Naomi Grigg. She talks about her life in skating, life after retirement and whats installed for the future...

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Slalom skating

The Anniversary Interview: Chloé Seyrès

A closer look at Chloe's 10 years skate anniversary and her retirement...

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Freeride skating

Interview with Greg Mirzoyan

It is very likely that most of you, whatever is your practice of roller-skating, already saw a video or heard about Greg Mirzoyan. The rider of Rollerblade is well known for his mythical video ROB (Ride One Babylon). Flashback on his year 2010 within the Rollerblade Original team...

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Slalom skating

Interview Vincent Vu Van Kha

Vincent Vu Van Kha is a member of the Original Team Rollerblade, a grouping of skaters of disciplines to the antipodes, the speed-skating with Tamara Llorens, the freeride with Greg Mirzoyan. Interview of a virtuoso of the slalom...

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Slalom skating

Interview: Luca Ulivieri (Italy)

Since March, 2011, the Italian Luca Ulivieri is the new world number 1 in the Speed Slalom WSSA World Ranking He fought on the edge of the top 10 during months until September. Then, he came to tickle his fellow countryman Tiziano Ferrari, who held the first place since European championships 2009 (Moscow, Mars 09)...

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Aggressive skating

Interview with Sven Boekhorst (Rollerblade Original Team)

Sven Boekhorst is a brilliant skater. He's been one of the leading figures of aggressive skating for 15 years and has won about all that could be won in his sport. 'In his sports' should we say, since the Dutch excels in three different disciplines: half pipe, mini-ramp and park!

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A name, a Brand: Mariani

For lots of skaters, the name of Mariani is a brand first and foremost: quality designed molded boots, but quite expansive. For other skaters, Mariani is a lot more: a former skater, a family, a team... a bit of everything at the same time! This is partly what we are going to deal with in this article...

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Slalom skating

Interview : Marina Boyko

She's got her hair short and orange, she's got smurf-blue FR1 skates, and she is the most senior international competitor in Freestyle Slalom. But she is also – and above all – the new World Number 1 at the WSSA Ranking, a first place she took last September after a season during which she went crescendo...

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SFC : first actions of the association

Here is now approximately one year, Yann Guyader and Cecilia Baena created a non profit association : SFC, to allow the Colombian children to acquire their first speedskates and to practise their passion in better conditions. first actions of the association...

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Freeride skating

Interview: Kirill Ryanzantsev (aka "Rekil")

ReKiL, it's a simplified shortcut for the complicated initial gobbledygook Kirill Ryazantsev. ReKiL is part of the first generation of Russian Freestylers. And he holds the national longevity record, as he is the last survivor in competitions (in the skaters' side – not in the organisation's).

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Slalom skating

Interview: Martin Sloboda, n°1 WSSA

Martin Sloboda is the Discovery of Year 2009: Most skaters are unanimous in designating him Freestyler of the year, a well-deserved title given his results. We saw this unknown 15-year old German Kid rocketing in a few weeks, winning the European Championships in the early Season, collecting first places all through the year, and finally reaching the Top of the World Ranking in August at the end of the Season...

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Slalom skating

Interview with Kim Sung Jin

I took the opportunity of interviewing Kim Sung Jin during our March trip in Russia for Battle SPB and Battle Moscow. Behind his quietness which could easily be mistaken for shyness, hides a kind and modest young man who has revolutionized Slalom-skating...

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Slalom skating

Slalom interview: Fanny Violeau

"FannyStyle" : Apart from this hit-video, Fanny is known for her disconcerting gift for sitting tricks, her speed – in speed slalom as well as in freestyle knitting, and her exuberance which could wake the dead. Here is an interview with the Swallow of the SebaTeam!

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Slalom skating

Interview: Viktor Meleshkevich (Russia)

Viktor is Russian. He's been practising slalom-skating for only three years but he is fond of super high technical wheeling tricks. He's one of the main actors of this new wave of mad Russian freestylers who constantly push further the technical challenge...

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Slalom skating

Interview: Naomi Grigg (London, UK)

Naomi Grigg, she's a freestyle skater above all. But attention please: the Londoner globe-trotter wears several hats! Her job? Skater... which is to say? Yes, she is a freestyler, as a competitor, as a demonstrator, and as an instructor (that's quite a lot and it makes many,ors as well) and even as an organiser (cf. SkateLondon Battle 15-16 August '09)...

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Freeride skating

Interview: Jireyh Goh

Jireh is Singaporean. And in Singapore the favorite skating sports, it's Sliding! Jireh belongs to this first wave of sliders which started a little more than three years ago. And just as his fellow sliders, Jireh's level has peaked up in no time—a progression accelerated thanks to a super bound team spirit, that of the MTS (Micro Team Singapore).

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Slalom skating

Interview : Tiziano Ferrari (Italy)

The 20-year old Italian skater is probably the more Asian of the European Freestylers, when talking about style. During the 2008 season he made his presence felt in all the competitions he took part, reaching more and more often the Battle finals, and presenting swingy, lively and dynamic individual runs...

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Bart Swings: "I never expected all this"

With wins in Gross Gerau, Emmeloord and Heerde and good performances in Trois Pistes and Domburg, the season of Bart Swings started incredible. "Pre-season training went well, so maybe I could have seen it coming, but I definitely didn't expect all this". A short interview with Belgium's quiet achiever...

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Slalom skating

Interview: Terence and Clarence Cheung

They are two brothers. They are both devils for freestyle skating. Terence and Clarence are currently #19 and #22 at the WSSA World Ranking (Dec.08). But above all, they reign supreme over the Singaporean Freestyle scene, exchanging the first and the second national places depending on the year: in 2007 Terence seizes the SNFC* title, and in 2008 it's Clarence's turn...

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Slalom skating

Interview : Polina Semenova (Russia)

She is the present world number 3 at the WSSA World Ranking. She may be quiet, but she's none the less talented. Her speciality? Compasses: extensions and evolutions, of which she makes the most in every possible way. Here is a little flash-back on her skating development till today...

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24 Hours of Le Mans 2009 : questions to Tony Mogis

Henceforth, it is official, The 24 Hours Roller of Le Mans initially scheduled in July 11th and 12th, 2009 will finally take place in June 27th and 28th. The reactions of the Internet users were numerous. Thus, we decided to know more about. Interview of Tony Mogis, director of the organization...

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Slalom skating

Interview of Igor Cheremetieff

Here is an interview of Igor Cheremetieff, the #1 at the WSSA World Ranking in Freestyle Slalom Skating. Let's turn back time and listen to him talking about his debuts, his development, and all the way he went till now. Let's penetrate his mind and learn a bit about his perception of the discipline. No doubt you will find some interesting facts to satisfy your curiosity!

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